The Walter Omori Page


As I watched Hawaii Five-O over the years, I began to be aware of an extra who appeared in many episodes, but was never credited, because he never had a speaking part. (Strictly speaking, this is not true, there are at least two shows where he does say something, though his voice may be dubbed by someone else.)

This fellow became known as "the mysterious actor." I finally made some inquiries and someone tipped me off as to his name, which was Walter Omori.

Born Aug 24, 1938 in Honolulu, Walter passed away at home, aged 83, on May 25, 2022. He owned several popular businesses including Walter's Sound & Musical Equip, Walter's Vinyl Disco, Walter's Karaoke and Walter's Himalayan Salt Lamps.

After Walter passed away, I was in touch with his daughter, who told me that her dad had seen this page. He said that he was in a lot of Five-O episodes, more than were chronicled here, so that gives me something to watch for if I do another re-view of the shows. Quite possibly he was an extra in the background, rather than playing a "starring" role. His daughter told me that Walter used to hang out with someone he knew on the Five-O set, so he was known to be available for work.

In addition to small, uncredited parts in the original Five-O, more than many members of the series' "stock company," Walter reportedly also had small movie roles and also appeared in a few of the original Magnum PI series. One of the latter is shown below.


The Box (S01E16)

The Singapore File (S02E09)

The Double Wall (S03E14)

No Bottles...No Cans...No People (S04E02)

A Matter Of Mutual Concern (S04E11)

Didn't We Meet At A Murder?(S04E22)

Journey Out Of Limbo (S05E08)

V For Vashon: The Father (S05E10)

The Clock Struck Twelve (S05E12)

The Odd Lot Caper (S05E18)

The Diamond That Nobody Stole (S05E23)

Why Wait Until Uncle Kevin Dies? (S06E08)

Anybody Can Build A Bomb (S06E12)

Murder With A Golden Touch (S06E20)

Right Grave, Wrong Body (S07E06) *

The Horse Jumped Over The Moon (S07E20)

Murder -- Eyes Only (S08E01)

Anatomy Of A Bribe (S08E18)

Nine Dragons (S09E01) *

The Ninth Step (S10E06)

Who Says Cops Don't Cry? (S12E02)

A Shallow Grave (S12E09)

Woe to Wo Fat (S12E19)

* Shows in which Walter says something.

Walter also appears in the original Magnum, P.I.

Way of the Stalking Horse (S06E17)

And in the TV Special
The Captain and Tennille in Hawaii