Excerpts from Five-O Soundtracks


Many years ago, I created a CD of music from the soundtrack of Hawaii Five-O, since there was nothing commercially available. (There is now, you can order the original Capitol LP on CD from Soundtrack Album Retailers.)

Aside from music from the Capitol LP, this CD consisted of recordings taken directly from the show, including music, sound effects and dialogue.

In 2004, I redid this homemade production to incorporate two suites that composer Morton Stevens put on a demo cassette tape which he released for the shows Hookman and How to Steal a Masterpiece.

That is what appears below, plus one additional track from the demo tape. To listen to the selection, click on the colored dots.

HOOKMAN SUITE (Stevens) from demo tape
*  Part 1
*  Part 2
*  Part 3

HOOKMAN (Stevens) from TV broadcast
*  Finale to Act One
*  Beginning of Act Two
*  Engraving McGarrett's Nameplate
*  Attack at the Jewellery Store
*  Searching for Hookman
*  "Larry Thompson is Dead"
*  Planning Strategy
*  Hookman Climbs to the Roof
*  Hookman Killed; Finale

THE FINISHING TOUCH (Bruce Broughton) from TV broadcast
*  Forging the Bonds

HOW TO STEAL A MASTERPIECE SUITE (Stevens) from demo tape
*  Part 1
*  Part 2
*  Part 3

DOUBLE EXPOSURE (Broughton) from TV broadcast
*  Murder; Anne Photographs Kaoli
*  "Find Sherick and Okima"
*  Romance
*  Finale of Act One
*  Meeting with Kaoli
*  Murder of Sammy Nolo
*  Danno Knocked Out
*  Anne Hit by Ambulance
*  Anne Kidnapped
*  Weston Visits Kaoli
*  Murder of Weston
*  Trying to Escape with Anne
*  Fiery Finale

TURKEY SHOOT AT MAKAPUU (Stevens) - from demo tape
*  Suite