School for Assassins

Hawaii Five-O -- Comparison of TV Broadcast vs. 12th Season DVD

Here is a comparison of the first three minutes of the 12th season show School for Assassins between a dub taken from a TV broadcast and the remastered DVDs. Much of the TV dub is almost unwatchable, despite the fact it was taken from KONG-TV in Seattle, which ran syndicated prints that were virtually complete. You have to realize that the TV broadcast copy was dubbed from an original recording to a second tape to cut out the commercials, then copied again from the resulting VHS tape via some USB gizmo to my computer, then converted to an AVI file and a subsequent FLV (Flash video) file (as was the DVD dub for the last two steps). Still, there is a point to be made...



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Note: Flash video is not supported by some mobile phones (i.e., iPhone).