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SOSF S02E09 -- "The Twenty-Four Karat Plague" review:

Added: August 14 2017 05:43:23 PM
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Added: August 13 2017 07:20:46 PM
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The Twenty-Four Karat Plague (SOSF S02E09)

This show is quite interesting, though I dunno if it all makes sense scientifically speaking. For example, one of the characters contracts radiation poisoning and within a day he gets all twitchy and scrunches up his face, etc. I dunno how long it would really take for these kind of symptoms to show up.

But the thing that bothers me about this show is, how do all these people involved in the scheme to hijack a shipment of gold which turns out to be deadly radioactive know each other? They are as follows:

Vic Tolliman - Vic Morrow, a parking lot attendant
Eddie Whitney - Anthony Zerbe, he served time in San Quentin, had experience with the foundry there, works at a floral company now
Gordy Sondheim - Milt Kamen, the manager of the floral company where Eddie works
Lew Morrison - Herb Edelman, wants to start a chain of hamburger stands with the money he will make
Charlie Durand - Paul Jenkins, works at the real estate company, he got the abandoned warehouse for them, his kid is sick, he owes $20,000 in hospital bills
Les Slauson - Wright King, aide to the professor at the university, he didn't realize the gold was very radioactive

These guys all got together to play poker on a regular basis and, with the exception of Sondheim, came up with this idea about robbing the gold. (Slauson is not involved in the profit for some reason.)

Other things that don't make sense either:

When they are talking about how long it takes for the gold to become "safe," Morrow says that the gold has been in the truck for "two days" already, therefore, they only have to wait .7 of a day to touch it (which Eddie will do). I don't think there was a gap of two days in the story at this point.

Eddie has to make 5,000 "planchets" (the blank coin-shaped things that counterfeiters will use to make bogus coins), he makes these in one day? Seems like a pretty long job to me, based on how long it takes him just to make one coin, when he is shown using the foundry equipment...

The truck which transported the radioactive material is discovered in the warehouse when a kid's Frisbee flies through the window of the building. Why would kids be playing Frisbee on the docks?

What is the significance of Charlie lighting a second cigarette when he is already smoking one when Stone and Keller are at his office? Is this to suggest that he is very nervous?

The review at IMDB has some goofs: "Making things ever worse for him Tolliman [Morrow's character] now completely losing it had also since murdered his Chinatown fence-Dale Ishimoto- for cutting the price for the gold he offered him in half:From $300,000.00 to $150,000.00." There is no indication that the fence was killed, and the guy didn't offer Morrow half the money, he paid him half and then said Morrow would get the rest when the gold had "cooled off" (which would be several million years, I think!!).

Speaking of goofs, there is one at around 43:50 where a microphone's shadow and then the mike itself very obviously creeps into the scene...

Added: August 13 2017 06:27:05 PM
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On Men Will Die: There's plenty to digest in Men Will Die. Jack Marlin needs a good lawyer. There's Nancy,Miss Parker's ID of Marlin, plus Stone seeing Marlin nearly assaulting Jeannie. That's 3 witnesses& a 4th if you include the lawyer Catherine Wyatt who will testify about Marlin arriving to sign the documents. I'm surprised Nancy wasn't given more protection later after the rape. She was a victim and provided info on the rapist. Maybe, the episode would have been more impactful if Wyatt had organized a march to the courthouse and 3 or 4 women had spoken about the horrible rape experiences outside the court or at a local park. I guess Wyatt was right though that many of the rape victims want to remain anonymous or don't report the incidents. Good to see Paula Kelly. She has a natural beauty a confidence to her. Enjoyed her acting in what roles I've seen of her.A Vera Miles fan. Catherine Wyatt in this episode. She has long days as both a lawyer and volunteer at the WAC.

Added: August 13 2017 03:06:01 PM
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SOSF S04E04 -- "Men Will Die" review:

Added: August 13 2017 09:50:46 AM
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MR. MIKE. A quick 3 for 1 Streets Of SF. On Men Will Die: It's definitely one of the weaker Streets SF episodes. The Parks character wasn't well-written. I like Vera Miles characters intelligence and spirit as the criminal defense lawyer and leader of the women's group. Jeanie's friend was raped plus she got involved with the women's group. A defense attorney would have a field day in the final scenes where Parks character is lured to the Miles character workplace. No way that rape victim would have survived the fall of that height jumping a few stories on stone marble floor.
On The Stamp Of Death-You are right about the questions on this episode. I guess Doc killed the printer Jenks. Conway was shocked he was dead. It had to be an inside job Keller & Stone concluded since the policies don't square and nobody was sure Sturdevant had the stamp. Only an insider would know the combination of the safe, how to manipulate the books, turn the alarm off etc. 2 or 2 1/2 stars. No Badge For Benjy was an excellent episode. Benjy was a magnetic character who made it his job to interact with people and solve problems. Wish I could have seen more of Benjy before he was shot in the phone booth. Vy the daughter excellent acting. Benjy deserved more protection at the hospital. The ending was kind of cumbersome with the switching of cars and the cliche bad guy talk. I would still give No Badge For Benjy 3.5 stars. JC

Added: August 12 2017 04:14:50 PM
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The pilot to SOSF is pretty good, but, as we discussed quite a while ago, it falls down badly at the end because of the booga-booga cult baloney connected with the actor who is the villain. There are issues connected with this ending which have to do with explaining how the actor is connected to people elsewhere in the plot (Holly, her brother, etc.). I downloaded the book that this pilot is based on from Amazon, and it does explain a few things that are kind of glossed over in the show. For example, the brother, who worked in a gas station, wanted to sell the actor a set of new tires, so he opened the guy's trunk to check the spare and saw the stuff from the murdered kid that the cops were looking for, which was in the news around that time. This and some similar important details >are< referred to in the pilot, but they are not dealt with in a really obvious way. The woman who wrote this book must have made a shitload of money, because every episode of the show mentioned that it was based on her book in the end credits!

Added: August 12 2017 02:45:56 PM
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Anti-spam measures have been implemented with "fire and fury" on the site, LOL. Do NOT under any circumstances post links or e-mail addresses, or your access to the forum will be blocked. Also try to avoid certain other terms having to do with "dink drugs" and similar things. It is very important that you keep a copy of things you post to the forum, so if there is a problem, I can examine the posting and determine what went wrong. If you get blocked from posting, then contact me through the e-mail address on the main page of the site.

Added: Thursday 10 August 2017 14:34:51 MST
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Streets OF SF Pilot Part II
Farr is constantly revisited Columbo style by Keller & Stone. He returns to his boat and finds Holly's belt and some of her things. Farr becomes the prime suspect and does his own detective work. He finds her brother Del who might have seen the bearded killer working at the gas station. Del is in hiding and drugged out and refuses to reveal what was in the trunk to the lawyer Farr. The killer follows Farr and quickly murders Del with a shot to the carotid artery. Farr is taken to the killers basement surrounded by fire torches. Stone breaks the case when he compares a TV guide found at the Del death scene with his home. The ripped out portion matches Angel Of Death and the actor's name Gregory Praxas.The name matches a gas receipt Gregory Praxas had in his possession. Stone & Keller ask Praxas questions and discover a lie. Praxas is revealed to be a psychotic, ritualistic style killer over several years. They find several souvenirs from his victims including a boot that solves another case. Praxas wore several disguises bearded and otherwise to escape detection. I would give the Streets SF Pilot 2 1/2 stars. A star for Robert Wagner and a good cast. JC

Added: Thursday 10 August 2017 13:58:40 MST
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No Badge for Benjy:

This episode was quite good. William Watson, who plays an SFPD detective, is hyper as usual.

This is a two for one show, the cops are on the case of some Japanese businessman who got knocked off. I think they proved that the American owner of the company killed him because of issues to do with the transfer of the business. But this plot line is just left hanging.

The woman who played Benjy's daughter was really good, she had a real attitude like "now you are giving lots of attention to my father because he is all shot up (and later, dead)." She reminded me of Nichelle Nichols playing a tough-assed take-no-shit mama in charge of a stable of "hos" in the blaxploitation movie Truck Turner. (Look this up on YouTube, your eyes will pop -- this is no Uhura!)

Anthony James, the psycho-looking guy from The Guarnerius Caper and the villain from the movie In the Heat of the Night plays a bad guy in this Benjy show. I don't totally understand this guy's connection to the plot. Benjy had James' phone number, because he got a tip from him about a shipment of drugs, but why would James give him this information? Maybe because they wanted to knock off Benjy anyway, and this was an easy way to do this, because they knew he would try and pass this information along to the cops?

I also watched the episode "Men Will Die" again, and liked it more than the first time I saw it. This show is about rape. Vera Miles plays a lawyer who defends rape victims who is very cynical about their treatment by the justice system. The epilog for this show is full of horrible cliched lines, definitely one of the "suckier" endings.

Added: Thursday 10 August 2017 10:46:12 MST
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