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OK, I want some suggestions for a Blu-Ray "best of" compilation for the 50th anniversary. I am thinking 6 discs with a total of 24 shows (4 for each disc). I want to hear from other people as well as the usual gang! I will compile the results and send them to CBS Home Entertainment. Here are >my< suggestions, which took a lot of editing...

Cocoon (2 shows equivalent)
Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born
Forty Feet High and It Kills!
Singapore File
Cry, Lie
Over Fifty? Steal
Most Likely to Murder
The Vashon Trilogy (3)
Beautiful Screamer
To Kill or Be Killed
How to Steal a Masterpiece
We Hang Our Own
I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot
Draw Me a Killer
One Big Happy Family
Retire in Sunny Hawaii - Forever
Nightmare in Blue
I'll Kill 'Em Again
Nine Dragons (2)

Added: January 30 2018 05:28:30 PM
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We could have a Killer at Sea type of cruise. With Mr. Mike investigating the crime. The guilty party of course would be a Five-Faux fan. I could maybe volunteer to do the John Byner schtick.

Added: January 30 2018 01:48:11 PM
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Yes, a cruise of that nature could be dangerous, Mike. LOL

Big Chicken : Waimanalo Beach (where the Anderson Estate is located). Also Bellows Beach / Lanikai Beach (where the ironwood trees grow). We see that area in many episodes, including "The Ransom" and "Good Help is Hard to Find."

Added: January 29 2018 07:35:57 PM
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Big Chicken, I hope you are not putting any money on me being involved with some kind of 50th anniversary celebrations for the show, because this is not gonna happen.

Someone already ran an idea like this past me which would involve a cruise going from Vancouver to Hawaii designed to appeal to fans.

The only problem with that is, it would probably appeal to fans of both shows, who would end up at each others' throats!

Added: January 29 2018 07:18:36 PM
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“It take him a few moments before he get the McGarrett mojo goin and start bluffin n stallin, wheelin n dealin”

Right oooon, bruddah!!! That’s our Steve-O Five-O!! Dig, baby, dig!!!

Added: January 29 2018 06:59:56 PM
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Ringfire say "If we’re doing a Sam Green style junket to Hawaii then I better bring along my wooden tiki club."

You fracture me with that tiki club stuff, brudda. Be careful you don't get no abrasions on your hand, man. But those favorite episode debates may get pretty heated, ‘specially if wees drinkin - so, yeah best bring you club! :D

I gotta give the edge to Painted Daisies. Just a personal pref, cause The Box is a powerhouse! But Daisies got that ‘Law Is Cool’ speech, the grim po-leece procedural, the smooth, groovy Chicken and one a the best McGarrett-isms: How Hard is too hard?

Love The Box too man. Hey John C - I think McGarrett walked into the prison shower room cause he thought he could xchange hisself for the hostages. Always dug McGarrett’s face when he walkin cross the yard then lookin down Swanson’s gun. Jack convey that genuine fear a McG thinkin: WTF I get myself into? That’s great actin, always dug that. Even though Steve-O a classic hero, an iron man – Jack portray him as a real dude. He afraid cause anyone would be afraid, unarmed with Charlie & The Chicken. It take him a few moments before he get the McGarrett mojo goin and start bluffin n stallin, wheelin n dealin.

Added: January 29 2018 12:41:06 AM
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H50 FOREVER- thanx for your heartfelt post. Chicken did make to Oahu back in 2005, and I hit all the sites: The Palace, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Natatorium War Memorial, Jacks' bust and the beach by his Kahala digs - even to the Five-O exhibit at HPD that I wouldn't a known bout except for Mike's site. Thanks Mr. Mike!

On a return visit, a local clued the Chicken in to Waimanalo Beach, where I believes they filmed many a surfside shootout. And in my Pontiac rental, I cranked the Five-O soundtrack non-stop. I had dreamed a makin it to the Islands since I started watchin Five-O in junior high so it was a real pilgrimage for me to see these sites live & in person. Yeah, many things had changed cause many years had passed – but the Chinatown looked almost unchanged! Wo Fat’s restaurant, though closed, was still there. As was the Oahu market where Kim Tung Chang followed that young mother back to retrieve that gold bar.

And I could feel them ghosts, and I felt I was in the shadow a giants!

Since they wuz no big black Mercury on the streets during your visit, we’ll hafta invite Michael Timothy to Mr. Mike’s fan junket – so’s we can cruise the Honolulu streets in the Park Lane!

Hope you down brudda!

Added: January 29 2018 12:34:22 AM
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This is probably the earliest archived version of this site, from December 6, 1998:

Added: January 28 2018 03:22:49 PM
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Solario County, California, eh? ("The Ways of Love", S1- E7)...

I finally decided to look it up. There is no Solario County in California. But, there IS a Solano County. I bet somebody writing the script saw "Solano" handwritten written somewhere with the 'n' looking like 'ri'.

Ah, trivia! :p

Added: January 27 2018 10:06:25 PM
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CBS has now reached the Magnum P.I. and Cagney & Lacey stage of its TV reboot addiction

Like a depressed shut-in, drowning their anxieties in the muted pleasures of an endless series of ’80s reruns, CBS only wants to watch Magnum P.I. and Cagney And Lacey right now. This is per Variety, which reports that the network announced today that it was ordering pilots for series reboots of both of the classic TV dramas, which both ran for multiple seasons in the mid-1980s.

We first caught wind of the Magnum reboot last year, with Peter Lenkov—whose other recent credits include semi-successful TV dumpster dives like Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver —bringing everybody’s favorite mustachioed former-Navy SEAL back to Hawaii, and TV. Cagney & Lacey, meanwhile, comes courtesy of Westworld producer Bridget Carpenter, who hopefully won’t have to work quite as hard as the show’s original producers—who faced multiple recastings, and even an outright cancellation—to help the female-led cop show find its sea legs. (Speaking of women in uniform, CBS also ordered a pilot for Chiefs, about three women in charge of individual police precincts in L.A. County.)

(Read the comments...)

Added: January 27 2018 06:44:50 PM
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UGH... i-reboots-6-cbs-pilot-orders-1079031

Added: January 27 2018 06:39:39 PM
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Here's some New HFO episodes you might see in Seasons 8 and 9. Hope you enjoy them forum regulars. Like what Mr. Mike has come up with in recent posts.
Finding Utopia Part I. A wealthy and brilliant doctor/scientist is kidnapping Hawaiians with the help of his beautiful assistant Samantha. Business people, construction workers,lawyers, nurses, etc...All talents needed 4 the new society. They are creating a new civilization and society based on strict adherence to Biblical principles. James Bond arrives in Hawaii teaming with McG when 004 disappears in Hawaii working a case.
Night Of The Vampire. McG and HFO team are up against it when Count Leo and his vampire cult Leo Knights visit from Florida. Looking for new recruits and a vacation. The mysterious deaths of 3 locals drained of blood are blamed on Count Leo and his followers. McG receives pressure from the Governor to arrest the Cult. Count Leo offers himself in a sting to catch the real perpetrator and clear the Cult's name.
The G Force. Jerry disappears at a Star Wars convention where a guest speaker Dr. Anderson has also went missing. Retired Captain Joey Kalima from Season 10 Classic HFO assists McG in the search. During the search, McG finds remnants of a discarded body years before and an old map. JC

Added: January 27 2018 03:34:29 PM
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If only jaywalking were the only crime in today's world. Well, we can dream. :D

Added: January 27 2018 02:58:08 PM
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Just uncovered, >another< "next season" show by C/H/Q's newest writer, Cromwell: (bottom of page).

Don't forget to check out Cromwell's biography:

Added: January 27 2018 12:39:42 PM
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I've watched some of the Season 12 episodes over the winter. I think A Lion In The Streets is an excellent episode. Very good cast. I think Big Andy was a character you remember. Alika's goons beat up his friends running for election. They kidnapped his son plus Alika was allowed to walk. Big Andy tried to work with the system but it failed. I was interested in the labor union voting and how some of the Hawaiians were pro Mio and others against. Who Says Cops Don't Cry? could be 1 or 2nd best episode in Season 12. Those criminals sure were low-life types. Lori definitely her best episode. I admired her determination and strength to find the killers and bring them to justice. Agree Though The Heavens Fall is a good episode. I'll give Kimo and Lori a break. As Meredith stated, it was a sheer cliff in the back. That was some kind of climbing and operation to kidnap him. I like when they met in the club or hotel and knew their cover was blown. The Nu Epsilon crew voting for death Meredith, Kimo, and Truck was a great scene. These successful men had this secret side to them. Season 12 a good start with these 3 episodes. JC

Added: January 27 2018 12:42:48 AM
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This one always was a turkey and still remains one. I never cared for either of the horoscope episodes but this one is even worse than 11's "Horoscope for Murder". At least that one had Samantha Eggar and there was perhaps some sexual spark between her and Lord Jack. Plus Tab Hunter as the killer. This one is just dull as dishwater, with boring boxing stuff thrown in. ROCKY this isn't.

Definitely an improvement over the previous one, which isn't saying much, because this one is pretty average too. Again Ross Martin is the bright spot as Alika (love it when he keeps inviting our guys to his "little grass shack";) but everything else involving making Five-O look stupid and corrupt was pretty dull. The best part of the episode was the end where Carew finally comes across his enemy Marioni. Unfortunately this should have been a completely separate episode. Instead it's sloppily tacked on here at the end. In the process John P. Ryan (who plays fantastic villains!) is mostly wasted here. The score by Morton Stevens is good though, especially near the beginning with the cleaning lady in the Five-O office.

Another episode that I always enjoyed and would probably place in my top 5 for the season. Someone is trying to make Linda Marsh look like she's losing her mind and I enjoyed that aspect of the story. It has enough suspense to keep me interested. Of course when you find out it's her daughter that engineered this whole thing it's all pretty out-there. Especially since McGarrett says that Soon Teck-Oh's character doesn't have the smarts to engineer something like this. But this freckled 13 year old popcorn-munching kid does?? Yeah right!! Still, if one can overlook this one thing then the episode is pretty enjoyable and with a good Don Ray score to boot!

This one might also make my top 5 for the season. It's basically a rehash of 7's "Diary of a Gun" which I also liked. It has a strong anti-gun sentiment (even more so than the earlier episode) and McGarrett goes on a real anti-gun tirade at the end against Andrew Duggan (apparently Lord himself was a strong gun control advocate) but I found the story pretty interesting and suspenseful enough to keep my interest. I remember as a youngster watching that kid shoot his sister while playing cops and robbers - that kinda freaked me out! Good score by Bruce Broughton too (with portions reused from "Though the Heavens Fall";).

Added: January 27 2018 12:33:36 AM
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I had mentioned some time back that I would be resuming my season 12 DVD viewing. I bought it along with season 11 a while ago but haven't really gotten into it yet. Until now...

I already talked about this episode earlier and I'll mention again that I'm not really a fan. I probably like it a bit more than I did many years ago when I first saw it but it's nowhere near as great as some think. Definitely NOT a 4 star episode. Paul L. Smith is passable as a Hawaiian but he rants and raves a lot which gets annoying quick. Ross Martin is the only real standout as Tony Alika, but then that's no surprise. William Smith is pretty terrible in this one as Carew. He's good when he's the strong silent type (as when he observes Johnny Mio from a distance and later threatens him) but when he opens his mouth and tries to show some feeling it all goes to hell, especially in that embarrassing scene where he pleads with Kamoku's wife and says that her husband is "one big beautiful dude". GAG!!! A very average episode, even by season 12 standards. The score by Morton Stevens is good though.

Directed by Jack Lord, this one is actually quite a bit better than I remembered. Sharon Farrell gets to shine here and it's far and away her best performance as Lori. She was mostly just window dressing in the other episodes. It's a pretty emotional episode and shows that season 12 isn't something to write off completely. Even William Smith is good here, when trying to comfort Lori (compare this with the previous episode). Another good score by Morton Stevens.

We talked about this episode too. I always liked this one and still think it's a good solid episode, especially by season 12 standards. Robert Reed and his country club vigilante pals was a cool idea. Elyssa Davalos (daughter of Dick) was a looker! I always liked the human prey hunt at the end. Good score by Bruce Broughton, portions of which (like the cliff climb) are reused in "Use a Gun, Go to Hell" when Paul Koslo is snooping around Andrew Duggan's residence and then is chased by the cops.

Added: January 26 2018 11:50:26 PM
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Wow, Mike! I might actually have to break down and watch that episode! :D

Added: January 26 2018 08:01:01 PM
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Just uncovered: a new "next season" episode! (bottom of the page)

Added: January 26 2018 05:52:54 PM
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I probably liked Daisies better than The Box. The chase scene in the beginning was well-done. In The Box, I don't see why McGarrett would walk into the certain death of the prison shower room. Swanson was just as angry and mean as Big Chicken in The Box. I wonder if they constructed the new jail. One thing that I liked about The Box...McGarrett asking Swanson about problems inside and writing down the list. Swanson had power in that moment and could affect change with his demands. It was quick thinking by McG and was a good way to stall 4 time. The newspaper printed Swanson's list of items. Although The Box has its flaws, it shows McGarrett's intelligence, resourcefulness, and strength in a difficult situation. The Governor's decision to make Steve McGarrett head of HFO was an excellent one. JC

Added: January 26 2018 03:56:53 PM
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Hey Chick, for best Big Chicken episode it’s “The Box” all the way!!!! A series top 10 for sure!!

If we’re doing a Sam Green style junket to Hawaii then I better bring along my wooden tiki club. I promise I won’t hurt anyone :)

Added: January 26 2018 01:55:50 PM
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And now the same team is doing the "Magnum, PI" remake. Quel nightmare!

Added: January 26 2018 11:38:14 AM
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From an e-mail discussion I'm having with a friend about the last show:

For whatever reason, CBS decided at the outset to invest minimal dollars on writing and the creative element. I have no business plan idea why they would have done this. The original was expensive to produce, but I don’t think it was the writing. So, they get schlock, on-the-cheap producers, directors and writers and the rest is well-documented. As between this POS and nothing, I would vote for nothing.

Added: January 26 2018 09:56:40 AM
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Very nice!


She forgot #H50GrossGuts

Added: January 26 2018 09:51:09 AM
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Mike, I just read the post you referred to on that Alex O'Loughlin fan site.

Interesting indeed.

However, the strangest thing to me is that it is seemingly written by a female with a male foot fetish! FOYeur, the author of the post, who identifies herself as a "fangirl", has posted lots of pics of Alex's bare feet, and seems to be obsessed with them.

That's highly unusual, as foot fetishes are almost exclusively a male thing.

I don't think I've ever seen a woman before with a foot fetish for males.

Added: January 26 2018 01:30:25 AM
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Big Chicken, that's a wonderful idea to have everyone meet in Honolulu. Unfortunately, it's not in my budget. Those who can go should go. But be prepared. It is a very bittersweet experience. I found myself looking around whenever I heard a siren to see if the big black Mercury was coming. But, no. It never came. And that was the sad part. The things we would really love to see no longer are there. No more McGarrett or Danno.

Most rewarding for me was getting to know the island. Study the maps before you go to help you learn your way around. Then, rent a car and drive around, so you can stop and take pictures. But be prepared for the fact that the scenery is so awesome that neither the eye nor the camera can take it all in. Ride the park train at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Go on a dolphin watch (September is the wrong time of the year to see whales). Save a day to go to Pearl Harbor, Punchbowl, Jack's bust, and Kahala Beach. We just do need to pay our respects, even though it is a most somber experience.

As for going onto the terrace where Jack stood, if you mean in the opening scenes, probably not. That is a privately owned condominium. If you mean the one in the Yacht Harbor Tower, where he met Tony Alika and spoke of losing his father, possibly. That building is now a hotel owned by a different company from the Ilikai. But, for a hefty sum, you could probably rent that room. You can do this, though: You can ride the glass elevator up to the top of the Ilikai. Sarento's restaurant doesn't like for you to do it, but that's their problem. Just smack on a stick of gum and say, "Just lookin'." The maitre d' will turn away while you ride back down. But take the time to walk down the curved walkway from the Ilikai's lanai to the yacht harbor, which appeared in countless episodes. And admire Wyland's sculpture in the front entrance.

And have breakfast at the Wailana Coffee House (Ala Moana Boulevard at Ena Road / Kailua Road). It's been around since the 1940s and is really good! You can walk there from the Ilikai and see Fort Derusey while you're out and about.

Aw, gee! Now, I've gotta try and win the lottery so I can go back.

Added: January 25 2018 11:56:34 AM
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​Hey Ringfire, As Mr. Blonde ask Harv: "I bet you're a Big Lee Marvin Fan?":D

Hey man, so am I! Chicken really dig Point Blank and Lee's turn as Brando's biker nemesis in Wild One ("Chino loves ya Johnny";). Will try to check out that BONANZA ep, thanx, haven't caught that show in a while. I would say the DRAGNET was iconic n groundbreakin for it's time, but you right - now is a crowded field of poh-leecin shows.

No Chicken eps in the Top Fitty? John from Steel City - where's the love, man?

Big question for the Five-O heads is which Chicken ep is tops - Box or Painted Daisies?

And the Bigger question with the Five-O Fittieth Anniversary upon is: does Mr. Mike have anything in the works. Hey Mr. Mike - hows bouts somethin long the lines of an invitation-only Sam Green style fan junket to Honolulu for us long-time site visitors?

Wees could rent outs a floor at the Ilikai, drink Mai Tai's on the terrace where Lord Jack stood, make a pilgrimage to the Jack Lord Memorial bust & Five-O scene locales. As they say: the possibilities are endless.... :!cool:

Added: January 24 2018 11:31:41 PM
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It only makes sense as Classic HFO closes in on 50 years 1968-2018...Maybe, the Classic HFO forum regulars could construct a Top 50 FAV Greatest episode list. Probably Top 10 would be difficult. The 3 Vashon episodes, Hookman, Over Fifty? Steal, Nine Dragons, Draw Me A Killer, King Of The Hill etc. would grab some votes. Could start with Top 10 and then 20, 30, 40, 50. Obviously, this would be a monstrous task since everyone has their FAVS. Plus, it's like splitting hairs between Cry,Lie and Double Exposure for example. What do you with think forum regulars? I think it could be something that can be debated this winter and extend into the summer. U dig?! I don't think the Big Chicken episodes make the Top 50. JC

Added: January 24 2018 10:43:29 PM
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Interesting recent post from -- a very pro-Alex O'Loughlin WWW site...

I just want to clarify something. From the comments we got on the last Hawaii Five-0 post from Paula, I got the feeling that some think I will not be around anymore. Not so. What Paula meant was that I have just kind of given up on wasting my time to say anything about the show and the latest episodes. Most of the time I do not even want to have some fun by joking about it anymore. The ridiculously “manufactured” arguments, about forced and out of character stuff, between Steve and Danny make me cringe. The fan service of it all and also this latest “restaurant” venture and the ill scripted arguments around it, all just show a lack of creative vision from the writer/producers of this cop show. Not to mention such trivial ridiculous stuff such as diamonds spilling from a guy’s wounds in his abdomen, minutes after he swallowed them. I know it is not about realism and neither it is a documentary …. but really, can they just not make it all total unbelievable BS.

I also want to have some distance from the horrible rudeness in the Hawaii Five-0 fandom on social media, mostly instigated and driven by a group of “super fans” and their shipping cronies who think that they are entitled to pass judgement on what others do and say. Mostly for things that they and their close (shipping) friends are actually more ‘guilty’ of than anybody else. It is not really our policy to block people on social media, but at the end of last year I decided to banish on twitter most of those who “steal” our fun and enjoyment and also those who by their comments affiliate with those who do. It kind of made me sad to see people that have been with us from the start, listen to and follow demands of those advocating boycotts towards us for trivial stuff – mostly because of issues that they know nothing about.

Added: January 24 2018 02:30:24 PM
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Hey Chick, I remember that Lee Marvin DRAGNET very well - “The Big Cast” from the very first season. Probably the best episode that I’ve seen. That one definitely sticks out! Lee was a dynamite actor and his rationale that killing someone is no big deal and doesn’t require any particular reason was chillin stuff for sure. An even more disturbing Lee Marvin performance was in the classic BONANZA episode “The Crucible” where he plays a demented prospector who tries to drive our boy Adam Cartwright (Pernell Roberts) insane. Powerful stuff there! You should check it out.

As for DRAGNET as a whole I can see perhaps how it might have been interesting to a 1950s TV audience, when TVs were still a brand new thing and serious crime dramas were a rare commodity. But these days it’s just not that special (a few episodes notwithstanding), not when we have such a grand catalog of TV crime dramas to choose from, past and present.

Added: January 23 2018 11:28:46 PM
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Ringfire say: “I also read that, like Joe Friday, McGarrett hated criminals with a passion. But you never see anything in Friday that suggests he hates anything or anybody. Or that he loves anything or anybody.”

You really flip me, man! Now that’s funny. Take it you ain’t no Dragnet fan, brudda. :D

But like you sez, H50 FOREVER, bein detached n deadpan be Dragnet’s bag, part a the Joe Friday aesthetic. Chicken caught some a them classic 50’s B&W eps, with the voiceover and sparse procedural scenes it really had that grim film noir feel. Remember one entire ep consisted a Friday and his partner interrogatin iconic celluloid tough guy Lee Marvin, a suspected serial killer! This be years before our man Lee became a hard-nosed Chi-town copper hisself in M Squad. But Chicken digress.

As you say, H50 FOREVER ‘Jack Webb's delivery on "Dragnet" and Jack Lord's delivery on "Hawaii Five-0" should not be compared.’ Amen to that!

Just to add to our discussion on Jack’s acting prowess, while Chicken most dig the early seasons tightly-wound, combustible McGarrett – I can really appreciate how Jack allowed the character to evolve with his portrayal.

Ringfire, I too recall that Voice of Terror was a memorable Season 12 ep. And I recall that when HPD officers got killed or wounded by the Liberation Army leader, McGarrett really took it hard. Whereas in the early seasons, Jack’s McGarrett would have boiled over – here he internalized all of it, showin how heavy it weighed on Steve.

Hey Vrinda – so to comment on your post, Jack got to showcase a range of personality traits and emotions through his ever evolving portrayal of our man Steve McGarrett.

Really appreciated your earlier post, and yours as well H50 FOREVER, on the McGarrett Mojo. Jack had it goin on back in the day – No Doubt!

Added: January 23 2018 10:53:18 PM
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I agree that Jack Webb's delivery on "Dragnet" and Jack Lord's delivery on "Hawaii Five-0" should not be compared.

"Dragnet" was presented like a documentary or the reading of diary entries: "Friday, March 3rd. My partner and I were at the station house when a call came in about a shooting over on 92nd Street . . ." It kept the stiffness that was expressed in the line offered to wordy informants: "Just the facts, ma'am."

In that day -- and, oftentimes today in real-life interrogations -- the police come across as just about that deadpan. Their attempt is to keep the calm in what could become a heated situation. Both seem very cool when compared to Danny Reagan's physical techniques on "Blue Bloods." Danny Reagan's techniques wouldn't be tolerated in real life. He'd have been bumped down to meter maid long ago.

How would Joe Friday have reacted to learning that Joe Fletcher was recording his words in order to edit them to work against him ("All the King's Horses," Season 2)? We don't know. We weren't shown Sgt Friday in that kind of situation. It's difficult to imagine him shoving Fletcher against a door and pinning his arms behind him. It's difficult to imagine Friday stepping up and onto a low stone wall or standing up in a boat as it sped along the Ala Wai Canal, ducking under bridges along the way, as McGarrett did in "Termination With Extreme Prejudice" (Season 8).

But, then, documentaries and diaries deal in "just the facts, ma'am" without sharing the excitement that was involved in getting from Point A to Point B.

Added: January 23 2018 06:01:58 AM
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Actress Connie Sawyer has passed away; she was 105!

She was in two episodes of the old show:

- A Very Personal Matter (1979) ... Dr. Whitewood
- One Born Every Minute (1974) ... Sylvia Heller

Added: January 22 2018 09:03:43 PM
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Watching the last few episodes I had a thought that a reshuffle of some of the current actors portraying the H50 crew could have resulted in a much better remake back in 2010. Putting aside the often asinine writing and the very excessive side stories I think the following hypothetical starring cast would have been much closer to respecting the flavor of the original show:

Ian Dale as McG, I think the Adam character has a personality (not the back story) that would be more in keeping with Jack Lord's portrayal than the current cargo pant variety. He is calmer, has a certain dangerous feel like Jack did and comes off as a more dignified leader capable of managing a team.

Alex O'Loughlin as Danno, sort of 80% James Mcarthur and 20% William Smith. Ironically his actual take on McG would fit better as an aggressive number two man.

Chi McBride as Chin, A likable personality and pretty good actor (I like his current character portrayal a lot)

Beulah Koale (Junior) as Kono, as a Polynesian and young he fills out the team nicely, also has a likable personality.

Added: January 22 2018 04:39:40 PM
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Yo Chick, I dig baby, I dig.

I’ve heard the comparisons with DRAGNET too, that Jack Lord was somehow a carbon copy of Jack Webb. Or that McGarrett was just like Joe Friday. I actually checked out a few of the 1950s B&W episodes of DRAGNET and it’s nothing like FIVE-O. Webb’s “acting” basically consists of narrating the story to us. And when he’s not narrating there’s just no difference in his “performance”. He still sounds like he’s reading his lines off cue cards, without any emotion or inflection. I mean season 12 McGarrett had more charisma in his pinky than Webb ever did on his show. Webb was like a monotone computer, questioning suspects and collating data. I also read that, like Joe Friday, McGarrett hated criminals with a passion. But you never see anything in Friday that suggests he hates anything or anybody. Or that he loves anything or anybody. The man just showed ZERO emotion. He was totally detached. Just did his job and that’s it. You never saw an incredulous look on his face or a look of surprise or shock or anything. He was just a blank slate, a zero. I mean if ever there was a “stilted” performance Webb should get the top prize!!

Added: January 22 2018 11:27:03 AM
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This article should get a prize for telling us absolutely nothing: -secret-come-soon/

Added: January 22 2018 08:25:01 AM
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Watch out, Ringfire, or you will get a "time out" (no pun intended)!!

Added: January 21 2018 11:53:05 PM
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Friday's episode reviewed:

Added: January 21 2018 11:34:42 PM
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RingFire say: “Whether folks like to admit it or not Jack was a damn good actor.”

Right on, brudda! Chicken always thought Jack was a actin heavyweight, an all-timer. Yet for years I read these lazy reviews a Five-O where they compare Jack & the cast’s actin to the deadpan, passionless style a Dragnet. Jack’s McGarrett was filled with passion, emotion and high intensity – don’t where they got that “wooden” bit. Jack had that gift the great Actors Studio cats got - where he could really go electric on screen.

Hey - congrats on the game, man. Go Eagles, baby!

And thanks for the commemoration, H50 FOREVER.

Rest in Peace, Jack. Thanks for everything. We all still enjoyin your great work.

Added: January 21 2018 11:09:14 PM
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I hope Mr. Mike can indulge me as I say GO EAGLES!!! GO NICK FOLES!! Fly, Eagles, fly.... right over Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2 weeks! :)

Added: January 21 2018 08:54:44 PM
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Jack Lord passed away 20 years ago today. He was only 77 years old. Rest in peace, Jack.

Added: January 21 2018 05:46:12 AM
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I agree with your forum discussion on Jack Lord's acting talents. I've heard Jack Lord's acting could be stiff or wooden at the times. Never agreed with those opinions. Mr. Lord could display emotion whether it was the death of young Tommy in Once Upon A Time or Chin Ho's death in A Death In The Family. He showed his love and respect for his team. Risking his own life to save a kidnapped Kono in the ransom or fighting for Danno in And They Painted Daisies... That we are still talking about Classic HFO 50 years after its beginning shows the importance of McGarrett and the HFO episodes to many of us. McG represented dedication,fairness,honesty. Devotion to duty and respect for his team. We could use a few Jack Lords/McGarretts in 2018. JC

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I can keep going:

- Jack jogging along the beach in a sweatshirt and shorts in “Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won’t Be Born”
- the brief shot of him taking off his pajama shirt in “Blind Tiger”
- the ultra sexy sunbathing scene in “V For Vashon: The Patriarch,” where he wore a yellow bathrobe and there was a great view of his long legs
- when he walked on the beach and locked Margo in a passionate embrace in “Thanks for the Honeymoon”
- the sexy racquetball scene with Burt Convey in “Small Witness, Large Crime”
- when he walked along the beach, looking stunning in a navy blue suit, waiting to meet an informant in “The Bells Toll at Noon”
- and many more

Jack Lord and James MacArthur were handsome and sexy enough to keep the women’s attention. Casting locals like Kam Fong, Zulu, etc., gave the casting a more authentic look and appeased the locals who wanted to see local actors on the show. Yes, they looked like real cops and didn’t need to be sex symbols. Jack and James looked like cops and were sex symbols. Coupled with some of the attractive male guest stars that came in and out – Monte Markham, Martin Sheen, James Shigeta, Ricardo Montalban, Soon Tek-Oh, Harry Guardino, Eric Braeden, Dewey Martin, Don Stroud, Lloyd Bochner, etc. – that was enough sexiness.

Jack was the right age and had the right personality to play Steve McGarrett. What people ignore or don’t think about is that cop shows of the ‘60s and ‘70s did not focus on multiple aspects of a character’s life – their job, family life, social life, love life, etc. – all of which would allow an actor to showcase different personality traits and emotions. When a show focuses on one aspect of a character’s life, then that limits the amount of emotions the actor can display. When an actor is playing a chief of police on a dramatic show, then he is limited to being serious, stoic, stern, and abrasive. That is not showing limited acting range. That is showing acting range. Good acting doesn’t mean showing every type of emotion and personality trait imaginable in one role. It’s showing the right kind of emotions and personality traits that fit in with the role.

The problem today is that people are not used to seeing actors enunciate every word and speak clearly, so they label it as overacting or scene-chewing. Also, the loud background music drowns out whatever a person is saying, so mumbling along with that doesn’t help. The camera doesn’t even focus on an actor long enough for him or her to say a complete sentence. Flashcuts, wide-angle shots, or circular shots are spliced in, catering to the short-attention span of the viewers, so they never see an actor speaking for long enough time to understand that that is a normal way of speaking. People call Jack Lord wooden, yet when he shows emotions, they say he is overacting. They’ll never give him credit, all due to their ignorance of acting.

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Re: "Big Chicken: Jack Lord was a handsome man, but . . . none of these guys were really sex symbols."

Oh, yeah? You wanna bet? Jack was very much a sex symbol. Watch him dance in "The Ways of Love" (Season 1). Watch him walk across the catwalk in "FOB Honolulu" (Season 3). Watch him enter Kurt's apartment in "Hookman" (Season 6). Shall I continue?

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Just watched Season 8, Episode 13 of Five-Zero.

While I like Episode 12 better than Mike did, my rating for Episode 13 is lower than the one Mike gave, and in fact I found it inferior to Episode 12.

This was a highly dramatic episode, completely centered around Grover. I agree with Mike that Chi McBride did an excellent job acting this one.

There was minimal time wasting, aside from the paddleboard segment near the beginning of the show, which I'll discuss shortly, and a short but pointless conversation between Grover and his son in the car.

Most of the episode involved a suicidal man who was also suspected of murdering his wife. Grover is first to find him (by coincidence) and attempts to talk him out of shooting himself for most of the episode. The man's guilt or innocence is not revealed until near the end, but the episode seems to strongly hint at innocence, even if unintentionally.

We also learn more of Grover's backstory, including the fact that he was moments away from killing himself in 2011, only to be "saved" by his son sneaking home from school and appearing to be an intruder.

I enjoyed the Grover backstory, and the dialogue between him and the suicidal man was well written and well acted.

However, this episode had a few problems.

The "distraught father" of the female murder (or suicide?) victim was a cliche. Even worse, despite invading the scene with a gun, and his attempt to kill his dead daughter's husband (the suicidal man in the car), McGarrett inexplicably allows him to stay on the scene! No cop in the world would allow such a thing. He would have been arrested, and at the very least, kept far from the scene, so he could not repeat such behavior. Sure enough, he ends up stealing a cop's gun, wounding his son-in-law, and he has to be shot (but not killed) in order to be stopped. Yeah... who couldn't have seen that coming? McGarrett was an idiot.

Additionally, the first half of the episode was tense but a bit tedious. We learned little about the case or the situation. It was mostly Grover just talking to the guy and repeatedly attempting to get his trust. This got a little repetitive after awhile, especially because the story wasn't advancing the plot at all.

Finally, the paddleboard scene at the beginning was pointless (aside from showing off Tani's body), and it seems clear that the two actors were not really paddleboarding, so we were treated to a lot of weird and awkward camera angles to cover this up. It quickly jumped from close-ups of the actors, to leg/underwater shots (clearly belonging to someone else), to distant shots (of stuntmen, presumably). I actually found the camerawork distracting, and the dialogue useless/inane. The only interesting part came when McGarrett told Tani that she will eventually meet Chin, and that he will definitely return to the island at some point. There was no reason to bring up Chin here. They seem to be going out of their way to keep Chin and Kono's characters alive and in our consciousness, as if their return (even if temporary) is a possibility. This is highly unusual for network TV shows, as they tend to barely mention a character again once they're written out.

I give this episode 2.5 stars.

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Mike, as I mentioned before, I administrate two long-running poker/gambling related forums. We do not have a spam or hacking issue because I am very knowledgeable in this field (I have a Master's in Computer Science) and am able to thwart it before it happens. In fact, one of the two forums I took over from someone else, and he was plagued by a horrendous spam problem at the time. I eradicated it very quickly. I would be willing to administer a Five-O/Five-Zero forum in place of this one. You could still run and moderate it, and I would just run it from the technical side (and run it from my server). Let me know if interested. It won't cost you anything. I will not put one up unless you want this, because I don't want to compete with your discussion forum.

Big Chicken: Jack Lord was a handsome man, but he was already 48 when Five-O began, and 60 when it was over. For the most part, the cast was either older (Duke, McGarrett, Chin) or had more of the everyman look (Ben, Danno, Kono). This was fine, and in fact more realistic for a police force, but none of these guys were really sex symbols.

Being a straight male, I don't care how attractive the male leads are, but as you can see by the Five-Zero fandom pages run by women, that's a big factor in this show (at least as far as new McGarrett is concerned).

Current Five-Zero is trying very hard to show off the bodies of their two most attractive characters (Tani and McGarrett), presumably to appeal to both sexes.

I found it interesting that Chin was mentioned at the beginning of the latest Five-Zero episode, with McGarrett promising Tani that she will eventually meet him, and that everyone returns to the island. Between this and the recent display of Chin and Kono's pictures on the wall of Danno's "dream" restaurant, it appears that the actors really are on good terms with the show, and perhaps future cameos aren't out of the question.

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Hey Chicken, you like zinging the Five-Faux fans don't you?? :D

"So I digs when ole Jack turn it lose. Chew that scenery, baby! Yeah, man!"

Right oooooon, baby, right oooon! Outta sight, man! I totally dig it too, baby! But I wouldn't even call that chewing the scenery. I'd call it legit great acting. Whether folks like to admit it or not Jack was a damn good actor. Straight from New York, where all the greats came from. To somehow suggest that the leads in the new show are better actors than Jack was (even taking the passage of time into account) is ludicrous! It doesn't matter if it's 1960s acting or 2010s acting. Great acting is great acting, and Jack had that. If we don't see this style of acting as much anymore then I think that says something about our current state of affairs today, not back then. Actors today bumble and whisper their lines. Can't even make out what the heck they're saying. How is that more realistic than Jack clearly enunciating his lines? Do we all mumble under our breath in our daily lives? I sure don't. Yet somehow that's preferable because it's more natural? I don't think so. Kiefer Sutherland was a powerhouse actor on 24 and I loved his performance and intensity but even he tended to whisper and mumble too much for my liking. I just don't see that as something natural or realistic.

Oh and yeah, Chick's shower acapella is a definite MUST!! :!cool: No doubt about it! :D

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TNX Mr Mike - missed that part at the beginning of your post, either that or forgot by the time I got to the end. Easier to do as I get older!

I was glad to see MeTV ran the Vashon trilogy over the past 3 nights. They must've wanted to wait and not split them over a weekend previously or something along those lines. Think I was 11 years old when it first ran, Didn't really remember any of it.

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Well, there seems to be interest in having the music released for a 50TH Anniversary item, but there is this little thing with the Morton Stevens estate and CBS regarding the ownership of the original theme. I was under the impression from Intrada Records that when this is sorted out, there should be some music coming out.

In the meantime, I suggested CBS might release some episodes with “Isolated Scores” as a bonus - I think a lot of fans would love to have that, including myself:)

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Great forum posts Big Chicken & Ring fire. The Ringfire idea with the commentaries would be quite interesting. Maybe, Ben talking about his memories of his FAV episodes. Did he enjoy Death Is A Company Policy better than The Diamond That Nobody Stole?! Or what are his FAV stories about Jack and Kam? Things like that. Some young actors and actresses now famous got early starts on HFO. It would be interesting to ask A. Martinez, Anne Archer, Eric Braeden, Joan Van Ark, Don Stroud etc. about their FAV HFO episodes. How they secured their roles? What was it like to meet Jack Lord? I agree with Ringfire. These commentaries add some interesting back stories and new info for the Classic HFO fans. I know Mr. Mike has a few good actors reflections in some segments of his reviews. The one about The Flight Of The Jewels actors was a good one. Also, one of the fencers in Though The Heavens Fall talking about scenes. I'd buy something like this in DVD. JC

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