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Thrilling is what Five-O is to the fans. From the moment the wave sweeps across the TV we know we are in for excitement. The lean, sparse look of the show always allowed the beauty of the scenery and the superior music score add the flourish. If it must be McG's son please make him half-hawaiian, as it is time for a Hawaiian to be in charge of Five-O. If not I will buy Don Cheadle as McG's son that he adopted from an old Navy/Army buddy who died suddenly. Would be a curve to make Mr All-America's son black but not unheard of. He (Cheadle) got the acting chops and intensity to pull it off. His acting has always reminded me of Jack Lord. #1 thing the new McG must be is intense and he must be able to say "NO DEALS" with conviction. That is McG in a nutshell, strict but fair. Good luck with your quest, we will all be waiting.
Palm Springs, CA USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 21:07:48 (PDT)
Mr. Bernero, thank you for asking fans for input before making a show the way you think it should be made. To make clear my thought, you will better be able to make a show the way you think it should be made with input from fans of the Original Five-O. Now having said that, my suggestions are: 1) Leave blood, guts and gore to shows that do such gutter work. Five-O and Dragnet always got their point across without such filming. 2) Leave sex scenes, bedroom scenes, and nudity to shows that do such gutter work. You can get across the idea of relationships without skin. Marshall Dillon, we knew he had a thing for Miss Kitty, yet we never saw him kiss her, and Gunsmoke ran for how many years? 3) Leave cussing to shows that do such gutter work. Rise above it instead of going with the flow. 4) Maybe have relevant themes without copying newscasts. JAG was bad about this. Something would make realworld headlines, and before you know it, they did a show on it, almost word for word. 5) Shoot on location. Only Hawaii can look and feel like Hawaii. 6) The entire Five-O force had class, please keep it that way. Thank you for your time.
Alamogordo, NM USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 20:39:09 (PDT)
And let us not forget that "Pono' means respect for others and their pursuits as well as respect for the ancient Hawaiian culture and its traditions. I hope the local Hawaiian peoples will embrace the rejuvenation of the 5-0 story. Surely since tourism is at its lowest in years and companies like Aloha Airlines have gone out of business losing thousands of locals their jobs, a remake of the series would certainly create a draw to those currently considering their future vacation plans. After all who would not want to be here to witness a location shot down in Waikiki or at the Inolani Palace or to get an autograph of their favorite TV stars. Even Donald Trump just set up his Executive Class Flagship Condo on the island just like I said he would 7 years ago.
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 20:18:55 (PDT)
I love the idea of Steve having a son, I would buy it in a second. I can't imagine Steve never having any kind of relationship, so we know that most of his personal life was kept out of the show, but I think most of us have a personal life outside of work. I could see a son or a grandson of Steve's. I know you will put a lot of thought in the show before you do it. All of the characters were so close, even though we didn't see much personal life, we knew they were all close. I wouldn't mind seeing some special people in their lives. Just not so much bed scenes, we all have imagination and know where that goes. Hawaii has changed quite a bit since those days but in some it has remained the same. All kinds of locals. I loved it when Chin would speak his language to others. I'm just so excited about the new idea. We all have been waiting for something to happen. A movie, a sequal, something that would follow up Hawaii Five O. I am sure you can get the Honolulu Police Department to help out too. I just pray that James MacArthur gets some kind of role in the show. We all loved Danno, and it would be great to see him giving advice every now and then, or playing a private detective in helping the new Five O out. A governer. I just am so excited. We all loved the waves, so take some of that in there.I still love so many episodes of H50. You could do lots of scenes, Kailua Beach, Lanikai, Kaneohe Bay. Would just love to see it done . Lots of crime still here of course, so enjoying writing the show and getting it moving. Please make it an attractive head of the police. We need someone like Jack and James to keep it popping. Thanks again and I hope there is a lot of input on here and you will be happy with what you are hearing. Some in the groups write stories about the characters in Hawaii Five O, so you should check around in the groups and see what good stories some of them write. All exciting. Much Aloha, Karen
Karen Bauer
Kaneohe, Hi USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 20:10:30 (PDT)
I modeled my personality after McGarrett. I am 51 and grew up watching the show. His grit (like John Wayne), his clever mind, his "never give up" mindset, his All-business approach. These are the things I tried to live by myself. This man, McGarrett, or for that matter, Jack Lord, could have been a great President! First thing to remember is that it's not really Hawaii five-0, it's The Steve McGarrett show. Don't forget what made that show. Choose your McGarrett replacement with the idea that he will be the focus of the show. And don't forget to create a "bad guy" just like Steve had in Wo Fat, that always slips thru his grasps, on a couple of episodes during the season. What all the fans loved back then was not just the criminals Steve always caught, BUT the one that always got away!
ken asaro
summerille, sc us - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 19:59:09 (PDT)
Mr. Bernero: I'm excited about your project! I grew up with Hawaii Five-O, and the DVD's have only re-ignited my love for the show. Thanks for asking for the fans' input. Mine: 1) Please don't use the "son of" McGarrett ploy, and don't overuse the references to him. Many TV viewers of today are younger than we are and don't remember the original or even who McGarrett was. I agree with one of the other fans who suggested the success of "Star Trek: Next Generation" as a pattern to follow: all new characters who admittedly owed a debt of gratitude to the original. Please do not use a Gary Busey-type character in a major role similar to the one that was in the failed plot of the late 1990's--he had no flavor of the islands, his cavalier style was the antithesis of McGarrett's by-the-book character, and he wasn't even very likeable. Including or excluding their personal life stories, they have to at least be immediately likeable. 2) Having said all that, do something for those of us "old" fans and have a small or recurring role for James MacArthur as Danno--a great salute to the original cast. And, even today's "young" viewers may have at least heard the signature phrase "Book 'em Danno" even if they never saw an actual original episode. 3) Use lots of Hawaiian scenery and include the culture, faces, and language of the islands, as the original did. As a teenager, I saved up my part-time job earnings and took a trip to Hawaii following my high school graduation, all because of Hawaii Five-O. Best wishes for great success.
L. Harris
Lancaster, SC USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 19:39:06 (PDT)
Mr. Bernero, First, I thank you for being so bold as to welcome comments on a possible future TV series based on the original Hawaii Five-O. Most producers would not seek possible input from "the fans", let alone post such a request as yours. I don't know how much of the previous posts you have read, but I would image that of the ones already posted and your own personal admiration of the show, you have a pretty good idea of what elements made Hawaii Five-O work. Here is my additional input for whatever it is worth, not necessarily in this order. 1) The scenary (although more people have been to Hawaii now than back in the late 60's and 70's), 2) The music (not to be overlooked or minimized one bit), 3) the character of Steve McGarrett (especially as played by Jack Lord), 4) the stories (there were only minor elements that might be considered derivatives of a formula). Just to add onto this last point, the stories were in some cases ahead of their time and in other cases had elements we consider hokey or standard cop TV show fare today. But when Hawaii Five-O was at its best, it had great writing, great guest stars, and great directing. Just look at some of the episodes Mr. Mike as ranked in the 3-to-4 star category and you'll likely concur. One last note: PLEASE do not tie any of the new characters of your show so closely as to make them a son, daughter, nephew, etc. of any of the old characters. That to me is just a slap in the face to the viewers that we would buy such a contrived idea. Let it be a new team of state police, but in some of the same flavor as the old. If you become to attached to the old show, it will lose any credibility for finding a new audience and the critics will likely trounce it, as well (for whatever that's worth). Good luck! Mahalo
Shawnee, KS USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 18:41:02 (PDT)
There is something else I wanted to add: the writers were not afraid to show Steve's human side and that he made mistakes and had to pay for them. Even today the show's theme is recognized and loved. Please don't destroy the essence of the composition and instrutmentation of the orginal. It amazes me that even being 40 yrs old; the shows are still timely in theme being that they were that well written. I wish you the best of luck and all the best. You have a hard job ahead of you-but if there is anything we can do to help-let us know. Ilove how tight Criminal Minds is written. You are probably our best hope for a sequel that does justice to the orginal. Thank You!
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, NE USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 17:09:20 (PDT)
Aloha Mr. Bernero... May I also welcome you to the MJQ Hawaii Five-0 Homepage…? Indeed history of an unprecedented nature is in the making both on the National Stage and in the World of Hawaii Five-0. As for myself, having left the hustle and bustle of the Casino scene in 2000 behind to follow my literary dreams here in Honolulu, I cannot say enough about how exciting the prospect of the new 5-0 experience will certainly be. Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions pertaining to the islands. Myself, and I believe most of the Honolulu Police Dept. eagerly await to become a part of this history.
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, h USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 16:38:41 (PDT)
My thoughts on reviving my FAVORITE all time show would be to please keep the integrity. The beauty of that show is that we never had to see scenes where they were rolling out of bed, getting dressed next to some nude woman. It was a bunch of guys who took the simple but wise approach to solving crime. I agree with the others that I am glad that we didn't see much of their personal life. I also think that the main character should be played by someone that is not known to Hollywood. Someone that we haven't seen in other venues and we start with a clean impression of this man. Can't wait to see the show!!! Please keep the music!!!
Melanie Mathis
Clarksville, Tn USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 16:18:04 (PDT)
What I liked was how real the character were. You believed they were real people. The writing and acting blended so well together. The cat and mouse style of writing worked so well. You knew McGarrett was always going to triumph. Personally, I don't want to see another McGarrett. You can't possibly replace Jack Lord. Instead, I like the idea of his repalcement being someone he groomed as a replacement before he retired. But it would lend credibility to refer to him once in a while. Afterall, McGarrett was a legend and you knew he held that office for many years. And I'll never buy that McGarrett had a son. He was way too busy saving Hawaii to have much of a personal life. He was very calculating and never would have let that happen. An appearance by James MacArthur would be great, too. And the villians have to be believable. Wo Fat, the Vashons, Louis Avery Filer and all the others were all so believable. And you have to use a lot of Hawaiians just like the original did. Of course the beautiful location of Hawaii has to be there too. In the middle of a cold winter, it's nice to see that gorgeous island paradise. The music was also a big part of the Hawaii Five-O experience and should be retained for the new series, just updated a bit. To sum it up, keep it real and don't go over the top with stunts and excessive violence.
Doug Harley
Abington, PA USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 15:58:34 (PDT)
Wow, that is exciting and I know all of us here are very excited about the new show. I think that is very special that you want some of our imput. Thank you so much for asking us. We all loved Hawaii Five O. I hope James MacArthur get some kind of roll in the new show. I think that would be great to add him as he is the only surviving member. I would like to have a character like Wo Fat too. That was a great show and I just think it is wonderful that someone wants to remake it and make it a good one. Do you have any idea who is going to be in it? We have all talked here about who we would like to be involved with it. Thanks a million for asking. We can't wait to hear your thoughts as well. Aloha, Karen Bauer
Kaneohe, Hawaii USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 14:29:42 (PDT)
I love the strenght of characters. The no-nonsense professionalism of Steve; the dedication of Danny;the honesty of Chin...They all blended together. We knew that they all loved and cared for each other without the "soap opera" side stories. I love the McGarrett's self confidence with his cat and mouse ploy's. It was great to see the "process" work together to figure out and catch the lawbreaker.The storylines were exciting with more action than talk. Please don't dump on us a look a like clone for McGarrett without an excellent story line. He will be a hard character to replace because he is so loved and honored. It would almost be easier to take a totally different character for the role; one that McGarrett had groomed to take over the job when he retired. And, PLEASE, don't tell us he was killed in the line of action.Let him retire to some remote place and live out his life; at least in our minds.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, NE USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 14:02:51 (PDT)
Ed, welcome to the group, it's nice to have you here! In answer to your question, here are the things I love most about the show: 1. The characters--they were dedicated professionals with tremendous respect for everyone including each other. They were different enough from each other and developed well enough that they play off each other very well in any combination or as an entire group. I also love the fact that we didn't know TOO much about their personal lives. 2. The scenery- A valentine to the gorgeous state of Hawaii each week, it made me want to visit there, which I finally did on my honeymoon in 2003. Beauty and danger all wrapped up in one exotic locale. 3. The actors-- They were perfectly cast and ideally suited for their characters, in nicely understated ways, nothing was ever too over the top. They played their roles in such a natural way that you believed these characters really existed. 4. The stories- A nice mix, ranging from espionage thrillers to simple mysteries, featuring thieves, drug dealers, mobsters, crazy scientists and more. It was never the same thing each time. I also liked the fact that some weeks we saw classic adventures on a large international scale, and others that were darker and edgier and more intimate. The best episodes always made good use of the island environment. 5. The music- In addition to Morton Stevens' classic theme, the individual scores for most of the episodes, by Stevens, Don B. Ray, Richard Shores and many more, were all very exciting and memorable. These 5 are the main reasons, and it was the combination of these 5 that made the show so great and a classic for all time. You have a big challenge ahead of you, and I think I speak for many of us here that I look forward to what you come up with. Thanks again for taking the time to communicate with us! Best regards, Jeff
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 12:04:41 (PDT)
My name is Ed Bernero. I am currently the Executive Producer of a show called "Criminal Minds" and I've been given the opportunity to bring Mr. Freeman's brilliant "Hawaii Five-O", one of my all-time favorite shows, back to television on CBS. I am a former police officer myself and Five-O helped form what I believed was the proper way for a cop to act on The Job.

I'm not sure how to contact your mods directly (is there a way to do that?) but I would love to open a dialogue with fans of the show about what they loved in the original (I have my own reasons, like McGarrett's utter professionalism and respect for everyone - that little crooked smile and wink to the bad guy which said 'I'm going to get you' - and the fact that the show made me feel like I got to go to Hawaii every week).

Maybe we can start a thread where you can comment on the things you loved about the Five-O squad and I can come back to the site and check them out? Would that work? I can't promise that I'll be able to respond regularly or answer questions, but I can promise that I will get back to the site and read your thoughts.

I really want this show to be something you are all proud of and I'm looking forward to becoming part of your community.

Thank you -- Ed Bernero
Ed Bernero
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 10:58:38 (PDT)

Actually, I think by the time the "Robin's Nest" house appeared in "Cloth of Gold," it was at least the third or fourth time. The exterior shows up in "Forty Feet High and It Kills" at the beginning, when Steve drives up. The house also shows up in "Sweet Terror," where Steve was taken hostage by Stoss. (And wasn't the house also in "The Gunrunner?")
Pembroke Pines, FL USA - Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 09:36:33 (PDT)
Of course I agree completely about the negative reviews for Season Five at

There are a few things you can do, neither of which will have much effect, I fear. First, click on the button "NO" where it asks "Was this review helpful?" and also click on the link where it says "Report this" [as inappropriate]. Normally the last would be used where the reviewer had used bad words or something.

You can also post a comment (assuming you have actually bought something on as some people have already done. Unfortunately, this will probably just get you into a pissing war with the people who made the original reviews, because they are idiots.

If you go to the Help link in the upper right hand corner, you may also be able to contact with feedback. I did this, though it isn't easy to describe how I actually got to some page where there was a feedback form (they make it very difficult to do this). I left them the following message through this method, which will probably be answered with some automated response:

"Why do you people allow reviews of products before they are released. Look at Season Five of Hawaii Five-O (ASIN: B001DHXT7U). There are several people who have given this product negative reviews because they are protesting something to do with another release altogether (The Fugitive, Season 2, Vol. 1). The Hawaii Five-O set will not be released under NOVEMBER. This is totally and utterly stupid! Please do something about this, other than replying to me with a typical cut-and-paste."
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 07:41:06 (PDT)

Type-o Correction: Haweiwa should be Haleiwa- sorry! The rugged mountain range to the west disects Kam Hwy from its north to east ends. This area is generally Government military land with extremely rugged terrain and shoreline is generally impassable by normal means or permits.
Honolulu, Hi - Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 00:17:41 (PDT)
The tricky thing about Kam Hwy is that from Aiea all the way to Kailua/Kaneohe on the windward side is that it becomes Dillingham ave to King St, H1 freeway through the city turning into Rt 72 Kalanianaole hwy passing Robins Nest as you go north and east towards Kaneohe then it becomes Rt 83 swinging northwest towards Laie and swinging back around at Haweiwa's(North west shore) then back southeast to H2 (or passing Dole plantation somewhere up there) then turning into Farrington hwy towards Aiea again and the prison again. The reason being the mountains and H1 seem to break it up into pieces. Most of 5-0 and Magnum PI's exotic scenic ocean cliff shots were filmed on the windward side of the island around Diamond head-Koko Head-Sea Life Park area not far from Honolulu. The entire island of Oahu is actually The County of Honolulu.
Mike Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 21:53:16 (PDT)
OCCC Oahu Comunity Correction Center is at 2199 Kamehameha Hwy Honolulu, HI 96819... It is on Dillingham ave which is also known as Kam Hwy(RT 90)just Diamond head of H-1 interchange near Middle Street.(check your mapquest) There are several buildings in the low fenced in medium security complex- 0ne built in 1962 was the original prison which was to the best of my knowledge used in the 5-0 scenes. Of course I have never been in jail or on the production set for the original 5-0 series so I cannot verify that.
Mike Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 21:19:44 (PDT)
I just watched the Season 4 episode "Cloth of Gold" and noticed the house used in it is "Robin's Nest" from "Magnum P.I." This is the 2nd episode this house has appeared in.
Fairfax, VA USA - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 19:12:51 (PDT)
Ringfire, Mike is correct in that Halawa is towards Aiea and the airport. The old Oahu State Prison is located closer to town and is west of downtown. You can find more info. about the OCCC here . While still a prison, inmates are offered more opportunities for rehabilitation. I know several episodes were filmed at this location, and I thought later in the series Halawa was also used, but I don't know that for sure.
Portland, OR - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 16:27:30 (PDT)
"looking forward to season 5- with great episodes such as "v for vashon", and "dont shoot, im a family crook';guest stars such as andy griffith, william shatner, and bo hopkins, how can this series get any better?"
thomas parnell
gastonia, nc usa - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 15:40:30 (PDT)
Ok, I'm a bit confused. According to Mr. Mike's links, Halawa is in Aiea (which I believe is near the airport), whereas OCCC is on Kam Hwy (east of Diamond Head? towards Hawaii Kai, right?) So, which one was used in Five-0?
Philadelphia, PA USA - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 12:39:40 (PDT)
The lastest so-called reviews being posted on the 5th season H5-O DVDs are beyond belief. There seems to be a growing contingent of CBS/Paramount haters revolving around some kind of bad treatment of The Fugitive series that have decided to take their frustrations out on the 5th season collection. Their collective wisdom seems to start with making comments like "I don't have anything against this Hawaii Five-O season, but I just want to boycott CBS/Paramount for what they have done to The Fugitive, so I'm giving this DVD 1 star." What a bunch of flaming jerks and morons!
Shawnee, KS USA - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 12:18:19 (PDT)
Does anyone remember if "Hawaii Five-0" during its original CBS run was a nine oclock show or a ten o'clock show? thanks, Luis Reyes
luis reyes
pasadena, ca usa - Friday, August 29, 2008 at 11:14:06 (PDT)
Judy E......I thought of that, too. Aloha...Big H
Big H
Raleigh, NC US of A - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 13:47:24 (PDT)
Ringfire, just drive along Dillingham at Puuhale, you will pass right by OCCC and the Foremost dairy... We call it Halawa- 9000
Mike Hedges
Honolulu, Hi 96822 - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 13:44:16 (PDT)
The Oahu State Prison used in Hawaii Five O did exist. If you use Google Maps you can find it at the corner of Kamehameha Hwy and Puuhale rd. Not sure what it's being used for today but this was the location of the old Oahu State Prison.
Portland, OR USA - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 13:00:24 (PDT)
To check out Hawaiian prisons, see this link: There are also jails listed here:
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 11:45:25 (PDT)
I have a question to those who perhaps live in Hawaii (Mike Hedges, perhaps, might know this). I was just watching "Odd Man In" last night on my season 4 DVD. Is there really an Oahu State Prison? I forgot to check up on this when I visited the Aloha State. I googled it but did not get any results - so I'm tempted to believe that such a place does not exist. We've seen the place quite often on Five-0 in episodes like "The Box", "The Double Wall", "Odd Man In". Anyone know where this was filmed? Thanks...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 11:27:10 (PDT)
How about the pilot "Cocoon" where Jack gives his room key to the girl? Would that advance into an affair?
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, NE USA - Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 10:22:17 (PDT)
I am not that keen on a TV remake of my favorite show and the son thing seems a bit contrived but if I were to pick from a plausible story line it might be "Thanks for the Honeymoon", espisode #111, with Carol Lawrence as the photo journalist Margo Cooper covering Patty Duke's wedding. Hey, Carol can even reprise her role in the new series. And, that would make for a "hunky" 35 year old McG Jr.!!
Downey, CA USA - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 16:25:44 (PDT)
Big H: You're thinking of Season 3's "Time and Memories". All of this talk about a 'plausible' way of creating a 'Son of McGarrett' is fine, but in the end it all sounds to me like one of the most contrived, reused plot ideas in story-writing. If this is the best the producer(s) can deliver, I shudder to think what other ideas they will have. How about we just make up the whole Five-O squad of sons and daughters of the originals? They could call it "Sons of Hawaii Five-O". If you're going to do this thing, better to start fresh.
Shawnee, KS USA - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 10:30:38 (PDT)
Jason, that plot adds a certain credibility and continuity to the "son" theory. I also seem to recall McG being very involved with a chick named Kathy while he was in the Navy...she gets in big trouble after he becomes head of Five-0 and he has to help her. Can't remember the exact ep number but the role of Kathy was played by Diana Muldaur, I do remember that.
Big H
Raleigh, NC US of A - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 09:03:11 (PDT)
I mean from last comment that they were never "together" on episode, but perhaps that "another time, and another place" did come for Mcgarrett and Nicole.
Jason Dunn
Irving, Texas United States - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 08:44:28 (PDT)
I think the remake Hawaii Five-O 2.0 would be a possibility. They could even use the episode the "Singapore File" and the character of Nicole as Chris's mother. I seem to recall a Gunsmoke reunion movie where they used a plot from the original series run where Matt had a love interest in Michael Learned from the "Waltons", and in the reunion it is revealed they had a daughter together. They could use this plot device for the Five-O remake, even though the characters of Mcgarrett and Nicole were never "together". I don't know.....could be a possibility, and another way of connecting the remake with the original.
Jason Dunn
Irving, Texas United States - Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 08:30:14 (PDT)
The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has cut 7 seconds of cockfighting out of the fourth season episode Nine, Ten, You're Dead. You can read about this by clicking on this link. You can see this footage here (requires QuickTime).
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Monday, August 25, 2008 at 18:30:28 (PDT)
Mr. Mike: I remember the first clip from 9 Dragons and having thought at the time along the lines of possible hair loss. As I look at it more closely, I suspect JL may have had a couple of thinning areas on his scalp, but the way his hair was combed and styled, they were covered so well it was easy to not see them. I still doubt the whole toupee thing. I do believe, however, that he dyed his hair.
Shawnee, KS USA - Monday, August 25, 2008 at 06:54:53 (PDT)
Not to add more controversy to a controversial topic, but check out these two short clips (both viewable with QuickTime):

In the first one, Jack Lord's hair is VERY thin!

In the second one, the wind blows Lord's hair up so you can see this large part on the left side of his head.

I had minor surgery on my own scalp many years ago (with the resulting loss of a bit of hair), so when my hair is wet, it also looks a bit like the first one...
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 10:34:57 (PDT)

David James Elliot may be too type casted from Jag. He also was supposed to save the CBS series "Close to Home", but couldn't. No, maybe it would work best to write a good script, then find the best actor to engage it
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 09:18:10 (PDT)
How about David James Elliott? I would rather see a totally different character than having a "son of", But maybe thay can pull it off.
Judy Einspahr
Grand Island, Ne USA - Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 07:38:06 (PDT)
Hawaii Five-O should never be Tampered With as you can never improve on perfection. Just look at Nightrider
Jez Smith
chesterfield, UK - Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 04:16:57 (PDT)
JeffG: I don't know if I would agree with Stephen Collins playing that part. I've never watched Seventh Heaven much with him, but didn't he appear in the very first Star Trek Movie in 1979 or so? If so, I didn't think he played a very strong role, and even in the commercials for Seventh Heaven", I can't picture him playing in any Five-O remakes. Just my opinion, and I respect yours (I don't have any suggestions myself, so at least your doing better than me...haha)
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Sunday, August 24, 2008 at 03:38:17 (PDT)
Many fans of Hawaii Five-O/Jack Lord combination have been wanting news like this for years. I for one am a bit skeptical. And maybe a bit worried now that the integrety of the original could be lost. Still - it is good news. As a lead actor I would suggest Stephen Collins: (1) He would be of the right age range to provide continuity (2) Reflecting on one performance in "Seventh Heaven" when he was undergoing an operation and went through a "dream sequence" whilst asleep as Elvis - he looked more like Jack Lord that he did Elvis.
Australind, WA Australia - Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 17:44:27 (PDT)
I'm not to excited because remakes of old shows are usually not that good. I will give in a fair chance though. But what is Five-O without Jack Lord!!!
Union, IL USA - Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 05:57:46 (PDT)
After reviewing much material, i feel Ray Liotta can be the next lead. He is an award winning actor who seems to be dedicated to the craft. If you youtube him, you will see him in films such as revolver etc. and see he brings an endearing quality. NOBODY will ever better Jack Lord, but if you are making something then let us have a credible actor.
k D
tampa, fl usa - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 19:50:51 (PDT)
I agree with you, Big H, synthesized scores would be bad enough, but if they mess too much with the main theme, well, that will take away a lot of the character. Probably the best thing to do regarding the remake is to expect the worst, that way we won't be disappointed.
Columbus, OH USA - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 18:48:50 (PDT)
As far as a remake, I'm not too optimistic. After seeing too many old shows turned into horrible movies, I just can't get too excited. I might watch the first episode to give it a fair chance, but I'll go in with low expectations.
Redlands, CA USA - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 15:38:09 (PDT)
Unless they can get some superb actors/actresses they will never be able to come close to the original TV Series. There was to much quality acting in the series, especially early on.
Tom Campeggio
Aurora, IL USA - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 14:53:06 (PDT)
I enjoy reading your plot descriptions, and I see a lot of the same quirks that you mention. But I don't understand your reference to phone #'s, address #'s, taxi #'s, etc? Also would you consider a re-write of the Vashon trilogy into 3 separate plot descriptions for the 3 episodes? Great site!
Newport Beach, CA USA - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 14:34:15 (PDT)
More stupidity at Someone has given Season 5 a one-star review, even though it won't be released for almost another 3 months! The "reviewer" attempts to explain it this way:

"So, why would anyone give Hawaii Five-O Season 5 a negative critique when when they haven't viewed it?

"Well, consider it karmic balance if you will, because everyone who has positively reviewed the upcoming release of Hawaii Five-O's fifth season without having seen it is performing exactly the same function or rather disservice to consumers, since CBS/Paramount could just as easily make drastic unannounced changes to this series!

"Positive reviews of unseen products are the reason why folks get burned buying series sets based upon testimonials prior to release dates!"

"Conversely, I have no desire to be insensitive to fans of Hawaii Five-O who are anticipating what may be a perfectly fine release. To be fair, I'll gladly change my review and rating if this release comes out unaltered.

Just another reason why pre-release reviews shouldn't be allowed at all, as I have previously mentioned. (Can you change your rating for a release after the fact at I don't think so!)
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 12:03:28 (PDT)

Oh, Chris....if I hear a synthesized version of the H5-0 theme on the series remake, instead of real drums and horns, I am going to freakin' upchuck!! (Obviously, I am a big music fan and I agree that the original scores in 5-0 helped to make the series special)
Big H
Raleigh, NC US of A - Friday, August 22, 2008 at 05:44:58 (PDT)
Collin, you make some good points, but I'm not sure the James Bond example really applies, the James Bond franchise does exactly what you said you don't want them to do, gets younger actors to play the same characters while constantly updating the time period. I'm not saying that wouldn't work for Five-O...I think that's what Dick Wolf did with the new Dragnet(although we know how long that lasted). I just don't find it any more original than having McGarrett's son. I'm not for the idea of Chris McGarrett, nor am I against it. Part of me thinks the name McGarrett is synonymous with Five-O, and that same part of me fears that if there is no link to the old show, then that just gives the producer an excuse to create another generic CSI-type show with the Hawaii Five-O label gratuitously slapped on. Granted, that could happen even with a character named McGarrett, and probably will. One area where I don't expect the new show to compete with the original is the music. TV shows just don't have imaginative scores anymore, it's all synthesized background music that occasionally rises to a bland crescendo to emphasize moments of extreme drama, as if the audience isn't smart enough to figure out what's going on without the musical cues. Gone are the days of Star Trek and Five-O, with original and exciting orchestral scores. Part of the problem is that modern shows are only forty minutes long, and modern audiences have short attention spans, they demand that the plot constantly move forward, therefore there isn't time for the kinds of musical interludes you used to find in old programs that moved at a more leisurely pace, which is a loss as far as I'm concerned. Despite all that, I say give the network their shot. If the new show sucks, it sucks. There's no shortage of episodes of the original series for us fans to fall back on.
Columbus, OH USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 12:35:58 (PDT)
Big H, As much as I would like to see a new series, what I have read so far about the current remake makes me think exactly like you - 1 to 2 seasons tops and then out. They've already shown their hand by saying they will use Steve McGarrett's son. How unoriginal is that? Why not just call him Steve Jr. while they're at it. The trick to these types of re-boots is to borrow just enough elements from the original so that it is somewhat familiar but not so much that they become slavish to the original. A good example would be the Star Trek or James Bond franchises. Each incarnation has elements that make old fans feel it is familiar but they are not so anal about just simply updating the cast and the hair styles. That's why fan-boys doing remakes doesn't necessarily make me feel overjoyed and comfortable with the potential final result.
Shawnee, KS USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 11:08:16 (PDT)
Been on a business trip for last week and I've missed much here so just catching up...not sure how the "racist" angle got started, just hope the my comment about "McG's replacement (in the possible remake) must be male" didn't do it. A female gov or AG would work, but the top cop MUST be that tough alpha male (race is irrelevant)to go up against the kingpins of H-land (remember McG and Kono's numerous brawl scenes w/ thugs). Also I'm with Collin...if they cast a Hollywood pretty boy type for "McG", that would pretty much kill it for me. The only current pretty boy Hollywood-type that can really act is Brad Pitt (see Fight Club, Troy... future classics), and the rest of them suck. I'm still the minority here in that, while it (series remake) is very enticing, it will be hard to pull off in true H5-0 fashion. One critical mistake and it will be one season and out....aloha all.
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 10:44:53 (PDT)
Regarding Skinhead, I think it's clever how McGarrett misleads the perp into thinking the button he borrowed from the kid's shirt was actually found at the crime scene. You see a lot of that in modern cop shows, detectives faking evidence in order to finagle a confession out of someone they know is guilty, but I doubt if it was that prevalent back then, particularly with the by-the-book McGarrett. Could this be another area where Five-O was ahead of its time?
Columbus, OH USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 10:25:16 (PDT)
Episode "All I want is some candy and a gun" was a good one. Made me want to go to that location where the sniper was and check that terrain out. Not sure what my favorite season was, between 3 or 4, but each had excellent episodes.
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 09:11:46 (PDT)
So anyone want to chime in on which season they liked better - season 3 or season 4? I posed this question earlier and I think someone said they would need the weekend to review season 3 in order to make a proper comparison. I initially said that I prefer season 4 but now that I think about it... it's hard to decide. I guess my gut told me to go with season 4 because that one has my all-time favorite - "Rest in Peace, Somebody", but now that I think about it I think that season 3 consistently had more superior episodes (save for "The Last Eden", "Paniolo", and "To Kill or Be Killed"). Also, while I don't mind the more 'risque/dark' subject matter of season 4 like "Skinhead", "Didn't We Meet at a Murder", "I Want Some Candy...", I somehow always enjoyed the more traditional espionage/kidnapping/psycho stories like season 3's "The Second Shot", "The Ransom", "Beautiful Screamer", "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney", etc. Plus, you have "Over Fifty? Steal" with Hume Cronyn! WOW! What a performer! I think everyone will agree that this one was better than his season 4 episode. So, now that I think about it, I guess seasons 3 & 4 are tied for me. Just can't pick a favorite. Come to think of it, I can't pick a favorite between the first 4 seasons. They are all EVEN for me!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 08:53:37 (PDT)
Yes Skinhead had one of the more powerful endings I've thus seen. That is probably my favorite part about the whole show, just seeing how McGarrett is gonna close it out on 'em. And there have been some doozies for sure.
Cincy, OH USA - Thursday, August 21, 2008 at 05:41:32 (PDT)
Michael Timothy: I agree with you. Some shows are left well enough alone, and there's been too many failed attempts to remake shows and movies from the past. There's that old expression "You can't go back". It's not impossible for some sort of quality making of a Hawaii Five-O movie or series, but it would never replace (and shouldn't) the original series. Incorporating todays standards and all, or even closely aligning the storyline, just would have the same outstanding writing that the series had. You don't find such talent out there anymore. Just look at the TV or movies today. Hollywood gives the public what it wants, and I'm afraid what the public wants (or would sell to them), would make it all the more difficult for a remake to work.
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Wednesday, August 20, 2008 at 08:29:43 (PDT)
"John Ritter in "2 Doves & Heron". Was that his official start?" Gawd no. He had by then, dozens of TV and movie credits under his belt before his 71 and 77 Hawaii 5-0 gigs.
honolulu, hawaii usa - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 20:41:22 (PDT)
I'm going to be in a distinct minority here: I am not in favor of this effort, primarily because I fear it will not even approach the quality of the original-and will be a bitter disappointment to us all. If I knew that Mrs. Freeman was meaningfully involved and the project were proceeding with her blessing, I would be more enthusiastic. At any rate, what will make any re-do work is a tight plot with story lines relevant to what is going on now in the islands coupled with casting that showcases the best of local talent. Don't forget to include the "Rat of the Week" (mainstream dramatic actor/actress). IF all of this can magically come together, there is a fighting chance of doing justice to the original. Aloha.
Michael Timothy
Chicago, IL - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 19:05:22 (PDT)
Glad to see they got the Kono/Ben thing fixed. No dissing Kono, but... I haven't been on here in awhile and I see this article about a new Five-O revival? My thoughts are the same as if they would do a Five-O movie: please, dear God, be true to the original!!! and, it would need to be updated for 2008/21st century - I would think (and hope) it will be. I'm watching Season 4 again; "Skinhead"... how powerful was that when the soldier said "they wouldn't see me as a man anymore." and McGarrett comes back with "you don't have a clue..." John Ritter was a great hippie jerk in "2 Doves & Heron". Was that his official start? Another creepy scene: from "Air Cargo - Dial Murder" when at the end of Act 1, the shot of the Japanese crook and his appearance... ohhhhhh. The music was perfect, too. I keep hoping CBS/Paramount will include more special features like network bumpers for the show or something. Oh, well... "Next: Season 5 with Ben. Be there. Aloha."
Greenville , SC USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 18:17:43 (PDT)
All this talk about a new McGarrett has centered around looks. My concern with the choices offered thus far is you have to prove to me the guys can ACT first! Jack Lord could act! He wasn't always given a lot of range to work with as McGarrett, but look at how he spares with Harry Guardino in "A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead". THe subtleties. No yelling from McG, but great looks and line delivery. Good looks would be nice to have, but what you NEED to have is someone who can carry the role of the head of an elite state police unit. Throw some boy-toy into the role and it'll Baywatch:Hawaii all over again. Say good-bye in 2 seasons or less. I would rather see Willem DeFoe as the head of Five-O than some slick Hollywood model turned actor any day. DeFoe is not particularly handsome, but he at least has the acting chops. This casting talk is just one more reason for me not to watch the proposed series.
Shawnee, KS USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 12:32:42 (PDT)
To K Darji: Do you mean Cliff Robertson? Not sure who Clive is. If so, I can see it now... "Remember, Chino, with great power comes great responsibility". Then Cliff gets shot by a mugger in the street and Chino must take over and battle the crime in the city.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 12:06:44 (PDT)
Just because somebody has a square jaw, doesn't mean they can play McGarrett's offspring. There also needs to be an intent looking aspect. While I am not entirely sure about the offspring aspect, i do feel Clive Robertson could possibly bring the grittiness and edge as the Five-O patriarch.
K Darji
Tampa, FL USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 09:02:31 (PDT)
i would love to see Hawaii Five O remade. i'm watching the first season at the moment. a friend recomended the series to me. have watched the first disc so far.
Andrew Beet
UK - Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 08:05:23 (PDT)
I have revised my review of episode #178, How to Steal a Submarine, which I originally dismissed in a couple of sentences, saying it was very boring. (The reason for this is -- this was one of the very last shows that I wrote up, and I was kind of burned out by that point!) I still don't like the show that much, but I have more to say about it now:
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada` - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 17:07:24 (PDT)
Actually, Hawaii's current governor in real-life is Linda Lingle, their first female governor and also their first Republican governor since 1962. So it wouldn't be a huge stretch for the show.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 10:42:03 (PDT)
Ringfire, sounds to me like you and I are playing off the same sheet of music, including the comment about no remake.
Shawnee, KS USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 09:14:49 (PDT)
To Collin: I actually don't mind the governor being female. I keep thinking of Judi Dench as M, 007's boss! She's a fantastic actress and plays Bond's boss with just the right amount of toughness, leadership, and at the same time admiration for Bond. Must have raised quite a few eyebrows back in 1995 when the world got the news that Bond's new boss was going to be female! But I think she really grew on the audience and is still playing M despite Daniel Craig being the new Bond! So, as long as the TOP COP is still alpha-male, I'm cool with that. But then again... I'm still against a remake so what am I talking about here...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 08:51:35 (PDT)
Big H, Ringfire: Just to clarify my previous comment, I think there should be a female on the Five-O team IF a show or movie were made called Hawaii Five-O set in the here-and-now. However, I agree the top cop should be a male. I won't even get into what ethnic nationality he should be. Although, I do still like the idea of the governor or attorney general being female. Can you imagine that had been the case back when the original series had filmed? Steve would have been butting heads with 'the skirt' nearly every episode, and that would have been something fun to watch, imo. Besides, given the % of women in all aspects of the workforce today, with a 4-5 person squad, odds are at least one female would be in that mix anyway. It has nothing to do with being PC.
Shawnee, KS USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 07:34:30 (PDT)
It's called HAWAII Five-O, not Ohio Five-O or Florida Five-O or Utah Five-O. It isn't politically correct to put native Hawaiians in positions of power, it just makes good sense. We're living in the 2000s for crying out loud, if the new show doesn't have an Hawaiian governor or an Hawaiian Five-O chief or an Hawaiian second-in-command, or at least an Hawaiian attorney general, hell, a Hawaiian in any position of authority, then it will be sadly behind the times, in my opinion. Yes, I am white, and no, I do not hate white people. Granted, I've never been to Hawaii, but it's hard for me to imagine that the white guys still hold all the power.
Boerger, OH USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 05:39:50 (PDT)
I'm cool with that. But unless you are a writer yourself and think you can write a better Hawaii cop story than Bernero or Mc Hedges you should stop pickin on the writers and stop with all the racial bias crap... The whole freakin world was taken over by the country next door at one time or another starting with the Romans and the hessians... Only the strong survive- all the rest eat shit. Sounds like one o you out there hates all whities .nuff said
Jerry Rao
B'Klyn, NY USA - Monday, August 18, 2008 at 02:54:57 (PDT)
Me thinks the head of 5-0 2.0 should be the young Hawaiian kid McG got into a scuffle with along the na pali. He went to bat for the kid at the end and as long as he is not taller than McG, I don't think Jack would mind. Got to give the spirit of JL something, and it might as well as be his height. Another thing might be to get writers who scripted for 5-0 back in the day to capture the flavor and essence. IMO, H5O was sparse with the emphasis on Scenery, acting, story and dialog. This should be treated as a first-rate production since it is a prestige franchise. Anything less would be injustice. Aloha.
- Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 19:31:54 (PDT)
Charlotte Rothschild: You are right. Jack Lord remained loyal to Hawaii, and did a lot of good. You ask:"Can it be done again?". I don't know. I think there's to many obstacles in the way these days in production differences/changes, but nothing's impossible!
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Sunday, August 17, 2008 at 03:31:04 (PDT)
Chino is a city in Central California. (taken over from the Mexicans by whites. Some lslanders can relate to that.) There are no Mexican or Latino names on the entire City council or staff. (no, but almost half the population is Mexican. Hispanic/Latino)
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 13:07:31 (PDT)
"If it would make Kimo happy I can always call him Chino Kimo Konokono???" uh, yea. why not. It's not like we expect mainland haoles to write about Hawaii 5-0 (or anything Polynesian) with much semblance of understanding or perspective of local flavor. go for it. Ya always do anyway.
Honolulu, Hawaii usa - Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 12:57:05 (PDT)
A friend wanted me to post this info, to answer respond to someone's post/question out here: 'Chino Konokono' is the decendantand grandson the result of a marriage between a Merchant Portugese trader and a Hawaiian Woman.. He is not a Mexican... Chino is a city in Central California. There are no Mexican or Latino names on the entire City council or staff.. Chino is a twill & cotton fabric used in French and British military uniforms... Chino's are the black slacks most Casino dealers and restaurant workers wear to work- so in fact Chino is not a mexican. If it would make Kimo happy I can always call him Chino Kimo Konokono???
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 03:32:26 (PDT)
I liked this show no violnece and it got to the point I would like to know what happend to Mcgaret's secratary and what movies did she appear in
David DeLamater
Edmonds, WA USA - Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 00:43:56 (PDT)
Oh my gosh! PLEASE do another Hawaii 5-0! But it will be a yeoman's task to match the feel of the original. After reading the comments of people who don't like an authoritarian, big-shoulders type top-copy like Steve, that is EXACTLY the kind of role model we need to bring back. There are too many people who disrespect the police any any authority today. So KEEP the same concept for Steve. Only one change though--and I'll miss it!--the old black dial phone! It was just as much a character in the show. There was a tension when it was dialed. Sometimes the music was tense as the phone dialed. One thing that the editors & producers will like is that the show will be digitally edited. So much more can be added and editing can be done quickly. One thing the original 5-0 had that was far, far superior to other shows of that time: speech mixing was absolutely flawless and superb. What did they do to process speech audio? It was crystal clear, even though the micing was done in less than favorable conditions. What kind of audio chain then? RE-mics, processing, final mix? Thanks! Hal Evans, writer/director/producer.
Hal Evans
Saint Paull, MN USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 18:22:57 (PDT)
Hawaii-Five-O was very special because it used many local actors and entertainers and Jack Lord made Hawaii his home. He didn't fly back to L.A. when the series ended. That, plus, good scripts and scenes of Hawaii made the show a winner. Can it be repeated? We'll see........
Charlotte Rothschild
Honolulu, HI USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 16:14:10 (PDT)
McGarrett was not a chauvinist. It's not pono to judge our 70's Hawaii show with your current jaundised eye. Also there WAS a female on da team occasionally. and what da heck's up with this kooky "Chino" idea. What would Mexican flavoring be doing in Hawaii five oh?!
Honolulu, Hawaii USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 15:22:29 (PDT)
You got it right 100%, Big H! Who in their right mind can possibly think that having a female lead in the new series is a good idea??!! Are people these days really that clueless?! It's Five-0 were talking about here! How can you even begin to recapture that past glory by putting a chick in the lead?! It's all this PC now-a-days that's giving us all these crappy shows. What made Five-0 so great was that it was anything BUT PC! Male-oriented, chauvinistic, boss barking out the orders to his subordinates, race-based/local tensions, say-it-like-it-is, edgy stories are what made Five-0 the ultimate cop show! No time for mushiness, PC-ness, soap opera junk...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 12:16:35 (PDT)
Hey, Ringfire!! I've GOT IT! Since we're in the mood to create all these cheesy remakes, how about one of the A-Team!! LOL :-) What a piece of Crap!! (Sorry, George Peppard fans....) I have to say that the Ringer has a point in that remakes are hard to pull off successfully b/c the powers that be are just trying to capitalize on past successes. In all fairness to Hedges though, his cheesy names may have no corelation to the quality of his work. Hedge, I would genuinely like to read some of your stuff, man, if you allow people to do that. One final point and I'm outta here for the weekend...the comment below about a woman leading 5-0 in the new series, boy, that would be a real series killer. To me, Five-0 is a about a tough MALE cop kicking @$$.....not another female PC power grab, although there is definitely a place for a female cop on the staff reporting to (dare I say it?!?) ....McKnight.
Big H
Raleigh, NC US of A - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 10:50:36 (PDT)
Hawaii Five-0 was fortunate that most of the episodes received a digital remastering in 1997, partially subsidized by the Family Channel, which helped extend its syndication life and also paved the way for the DVDs looking so sharp. According to the CBS Paramount syndication bible, the seasons are beginning to get HD transfers as well, which should continue to ensure its future longevity on television and future digital media.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 10:02:56 (PDT)
One thing I've noticed, at least on the TV, is the lasting color quality that remains. I think the only other show from the 60's that still has such vivid color was Star Trek. Film/Digital technology has of course changed, and remastering is taking place too. One funny note, as I used to be in the photographic business, Eatman Kodak was given an order for movie film that wanted a cheaper film. When the cheaper film faded more quickly, they complained to Koday. Kodak's reply: "The way your movies are so bad, you deserve a film that fades fast! Haha
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 09:50:07 (PDT)
Well, at least they took Kono "off da covah" of Season 5:
Rincon, GA USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 08:42:26 (PDT)
We're well into the 1975 season on our local TV now, and the shows still are well written and great. Can't wait until we hit the end, to see if all the changes are as bad as people have said before it went off the air. By the way, I support Mike Hedges, no matter what the disputes are out here. He is a good friend of mine, and his ideas really do make sense, once you put them into perspective! The main thing is, let's have fun out here. I enjoy this website, and enjoy most of the postings.
Elkhart, Indiana USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 08:19:05 (PDT)
I am thrilled that Hawaii Five-O is going back on the air. I will be waiting with anxious anticipation.
Richmond Hill, NY USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 08:03:54 (PDT)
Sylvia, I like the direction you're going. I think any new Five-O incarnation should at least have 1 woman on the team. Actually, way back when I was envisioning a Five-O movie, I was picturing the governor of Hawaii as woman. THAT would be something - the head of Five-O answering to a woman!
Shawnee, KS USA - Friday, August 15, 2008 at 06:28:01 (PDT)
R & R & R I thought was a fave of the season. Two scenes immediately come to mind. When he tossed the woman off the cliff and they stopped her fall to go in to the wave/ad break. And when the killer tries to re-enlist and the guy tells him to go over and try the foreign legion. He thens throws that tantrum on the street about his medals. That to me was funny but sad yet poignant at the same time.
Cincy, OH USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 21:39:27 (PDT)
Maybe there is a way to bring Hawaii Five-O into the 21st century in a logical followup to Leonard Freeman's creation: Instead of Chris McGarrett, the son, how about Christine McGarrett, the daughter, as the Five-O head? What better way to put a spin on storylines (not to mention Steve McGarrett's reputation as a chauvinist)? I realize the person overseeing the proposed revival doesn't want to make many changes, but there's a change that's way overdue.
Pembroke Pines, FL USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 20:01:41 (PDT)
Oh the names... McKnight IS McGarrett ... Chino IS Danno. By the way- With out a contract, the names had to be changed to avoid a copyrite infringement lawsuit by Disney. With my Movie Magic Screenwriter program I can change a Characters name with a push of a button back to the 5-0 characters. Funny- the new series is called Hawaii Five-0 2.0 ummm?
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 18:20:50 (PDT)
MJQ- What ever happened to Rita? Haven't heard from her for a while??? Yo "G" ... In response to "Lifesigns" Back before the personal computer age on 4/22 1995 while I was on vacation from the busy Casino scene in AC NJ and staying at my free room for 2 weeks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, Garrett Wang (NO not Mc Garrett Wang!) (Ensign Kim) was here at the Pacific Beach Hotel for the Star Trek Convention. Before thye convention I met him on the beach and after the convention I had the opportunity to pitch an Idea to him. A couple months later I spoke to Robert Piccardo at Valley Forge Pa about having Dana Delaney in the show as a dying Alien Visitor. He said he liked the idea but Dana was under contract with a different prod co at the time so she couldn't. He said to send him the story idea and he would bring it up at the next writers meeting- I did- it was aired a few months later. I had no contract- hence no credit or $$$ . The whole falling in love with an alien (Danara)in the holographic chamber in the 67 Caddy under the stars was indeed my creation... and I even mentioned an arm band Holo emmiter so The Doctor could exist outside the Holo Chamber... Oh who was it who didn't read my Hawaii Five-0 stories, under the HK name? It was originally entitiled HAWAII FIVE-0- THE SECOND MILLENNIUM" but Disney (The owners at that time)said I could not use the 5-0 name as they were in-house so I changed it... Send me your address and I will send you a free copy of my manuscript to stomp on or tear apart or whatever... Oh wait, the book may be to heavy for the carry pidgeon to carry all the way out to the boonies and deliver to U!... Just kidding! :)
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 18:06:16 (PDT)
My God!! Go forth with the production!! Prior to Five-0, The Untouchables was my favorite cop program, but in '68 Steve McGarrett & co. became the undisputed kings of crime fighting. I'm over 70 & I still emulate Steve McGarrett!!!
Ray Burrer
Springfield, Tenn. U.S.A. - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 14:14:00 (PDT)
Well, Mike IS the Five-0 authority! Even without the dead give-aways like Mike McKnight, Chino, Duko, Konokaua, Beno, Trucko, etc., he does live in Hawaii after all. Not dem dare boonies like Haleiwa, but Honolulu! By the way, McHedges, I've been to Honolulu twice already this year (just so you know that you don't have the monopoly on the city!!) and I distinctly recollect chickens and roosters running around the city neighborhoods, so I wouldn't be too quick to attack the Pennsylvania boonies... Aloha!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 12:41:23 (PDT)
Michael, Michael... C'mon chill buddy :o) It wasn't a personal attack, it just sounded pretty rediculous that's all. As for writing an episode of STNG, funny but the ST w/s states that this particular episode was written by one Kenneth Biller, let me guess that is your pen name right ? ;o) As for my name being Guido, c'mon, what kind a self respecting Amish brother would I be if my name were Guido ? Actually it's Amos G. Stoltzfus, just so we are clear, and yes, we still ride in dem' buggies and dial dem thar rotary telephones down at the community barn before our Saturday night hoe-downs :o) Dude seriously chill out bro... I just think those names for chracters in a script you'd like to have looked at by a premier writer/director/producer for an H50 remake would be totally rediculous, and no one in their right mind in Hollyweird would touch a script with that kind of amatuer take on a remake/sequel to an iconic show like Five 0. I know you mean well and you are enthusiastic about the legacy of Five 0, but after reading some of your "idea's" on here for a sequel I have to wonder how entrenched in reality you really are ? Sorry, but someone had to say it... Bottom line is I'll be shocked if this thing (a Five 0 remake/sequel) ever get's off the ground and out of the developmental stage, and if it does I give it 6 episodes max... I just don't think you could ever duplicate the time and era that this show was representative of in a proper fashion in today's plastic world... It was a different time, a different world 40 years ago and sadly I just don't see this idea making the cut... G PS: Still using a mule to power the generator out behind the barn so's I can use my 8086 computer here in the good ol' PA boonies :o) LOL !!!!
Millersville, PA US - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 11:44:03 (PDT)
Chris, I am in agreement with your proposal. To steer us back on track, I would like to make a brief comment about the last episode of season 4, R, R, and R. Personally, I liked this episode and would give it a grade of B to B+. I thought the story was well-done, and the actor who played Ralston did a nice job. I loved his scene at the marine recruiting office. My one complaint are the actors who played the other servicemen who lost their wives. They don't seem as distraught about losing their spouses throughout the episode as I would expect, especially given the short amount of time this all takes place. And what about those non-military haircuts? Yeah, right. But other than that, a good episode.
Shawnee, KS USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 11:13:18 (PDT)
I propose a deal. If Mr. Hedges agrees to drop all the pompous name-dropping and self-promotion, then everybody else can stop hitting below the belt by criticizing his life's work which nobody here has even read and which obviously means a lot to him. Then we can go back to talking about the things that REALLY Five-O! By the way, McGarrett(the REAL McGarrett, not Chris or McKnight or whoever) would have kicked all your whiny asses by now for not being team players.
Columbus, OH USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 11:07:16 (PDT)
Well, Mike, since you did ask... I am 27 and obviously old enough to recognize that Mike McKnight is not a very bright idea. I mean, look - you basically took Michael Knight and borrowed Mc from McGarrett, mixed them together and voila! Mike McKnight! How clever... Like I said, something I did when I was 13 and thought I was soooo clever! But who knows? With the brainless remakes being churned out (Dukes of Hazzard, anyone?), maybe they'll accept your idea...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 10:33:26 (PDT)
Hedges, please be aware that you aren't advancing your cause with these silly ad hominem attacks. You asked people what they thought and they told you. Incidentaly, I also find the "Mike McKnight" unenthusing. Sorry, but you did ask.
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 10:22:07 (PDT)
So how old are you now Ringfire? 15?
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 09:37:08 (PDT)
To 'G' in Millersville Pa. Sounds like a personal attack to me! So you did not like STNG? Well I taped every episode, wrote one "Lifesigns" (second Season Next Generation) and I was also a Klingon Warrior on TV. And what is so HYSTERICAL about the names Mc Knight and Chino??? What's your name? Guido? Where is this Millersville anyway, in the Pennsylvania boonies? Do you still use horse covered wagons and dial telephones in Millersville?... Oh I know- Millersville is that trailer Park Town off I-95 I bet you still use an antenna on top of the roof to watch TV with and have a dog named Mutt chained up to the cast iron pot belly stove.!!!
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 09:31:55 (PDT)
No offense, Mike, but come on -- Mike McKnight? Chino? If it's a joke, then I'm game. Otherwise, you can't be serious!! This sounds like a script I came up with when I was 13 or 14 years old (being a huge Knight Rider fan). Now, if that's how old you are then I guess it's OK, otherwise, sorry but those names sound pretty lame (for a serious script, anyway...) By the way, who says I'm complaining? I never complain - I just say things as they are. Jack Lord was a prick, but McGarrett was the man! That's not a complaint, just an observation. Remakes suck! Is that a complaint? Nope, just an observation on my part (and many others I presume..) Like someone wisely said on here... Five-0 was a timeless show and yet...very much of a certain time. Can't be replicated! No way! It just will never capture the original magic and you can take THAT to the bank! Once again, not a complaint... just a statement of fact.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 09:23:16 (PDT)
I would be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit intriqued by this whole idea. My fear is that they are gonna screw around with and mess up the legacy of one of our greatest most legendary shows and characters. Then again, maybe it will shed some light and bring some awareness back to the original show and lead to it's discovery by younger viewers who werent' even born when the original run aired. Sort of like with timeless music. New bands taking older styles and causing the kids to go back and hear the original , like rediscovering the Beatles or somn. I'd definitely watch it out of curiosity just to see what they did with it and how many references it would include to the old characters. I do think it would bring some attention to the original. Some of these types of concepts work ,some don't its a simple as that.
Cincy, OH USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 05:42:23 (PDT)
Now that's what I'm talking about.... If STephen J Cannall had only spent a little time here on the greatest 5-0 homepage around, he would have known Chin Ho was killed in season 10 and all this other great info would have made a much better pilot! I had also believed McGarett was Naval Intel until only last week, I even mention it in my HK story- the other guys FAKE blog about the CG threw me off track... Thanks for the 411... I hope Mr Ed Bernero is watching!!!
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Thursday, August 14, 2008 at 00:18:07 (PDT)
I'm glad my alltime favorite show is out on DVD. Can't wait till all 12 seasons are available. I love all the shows. I like to see Hawaii back in the day when I first got here in 1980. Peace...
Eddie Walker
Honlulu, HI USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 22:26:11 (PDT)
Steve McGarrett's history with the Navy and Naval Intelligence has been documented in several episodes, including 2 that featured his return to active duty in the Naval Reserves: Season 8's opener "Murder--Eyes Only", and Season 10's "Deep Cover". Several other shows refer to his stint with Navy Intelligence as well.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 21:36:21 (PDT)
The Character Steve Mc Garrett or the actor Jack Lord in the US Navy? Which show was that mentioned in? I must have missed it! I did some checking and found out I was also previously mislead- So I got the real story about Jack Lord's service... Anyway... QUOTE from - The Coast Guard Homepage.... "- And, then I got to thinking. What about Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-O fame. You know, the coolest cop in all of TV-land: Steve McGarrett . Mr. Lord was a Coast Guard reservist. I mean, everyone knows that, right. He was a Reserve officer, even while he was filming 12 years worth of Five-O. So, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do. I posted about it anyway... Nah, just kidding. I wrote to the Coast Guard historian's office. And this is what I got back from Scott T. Price, Historian, of CG-09224 (like any of us know the damn CG numbers to the fifth spot): (In real life)... According to the obituaries we read Jack Lord did not serve in the Coast Guard but was a Coast Guard-licensed member of the Merchant Marine. Also, according to our records, Jimmy Buffet did not serve in the Coast Guard either. Oh, the humanity. Jack Lord wasn't a Coastie, but merely had a Coast Guard license. I am betrayed." --- The TV character Thomas Magnum was with Naval Intelligence before he became a PI then went back on active duty with the Navy according to the last show aired. (This is followed through in my HK novels.) Also Jack Lord was a Naval Officer in a TV Pilot Operation M or something, about a deep sea salvage co though which flopped! ,,, What you say MJQ? PS Ringfire- Chill out!- lighten up, we come here to have some fun, shuffle around some ideas and chat-not go to war over a 5-0 remake! I don't know about you, but I have been here in Honolulu 7 years seriously promoting Hawaii Five-0, old and new! I have put in thousands of man-hours writing the scripts and novel,and thousands of $$$ setting them up. What have you done except complain???
Michael Hedges
Honolulu , Hi USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 19:47:08 (PDT)
WOW! I dismissed Casper immediately as just the guy who fought bugs from outer space, but having just taken a look at that picture I gotta say again... WOW!! It's like a clone of McGarrett! No kidding! Still... not interested in a remake! Nope... not at all...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 14:06:34 (PDT)
Personally I am not really in favor of this idea to recast the show for TV. These things rarely ever work well... I can see this one maybe lasting a half a season at most... Iconic series' like this are iconinc for a reason, they are sort of timeless and yet completely "of a time", if that makes any sense... We love these shows (I am a huge X-Files, Twilight Zone, Millenium, and Avengers fan) and none of them ever seem to be as good the second time around when they try to rewrite history and catch the fire again. The only show I remember that was successful in doing that was Star Trek and I lost interest in that one very quickly when the newer Next Generation shows came out... Sorry, I'd rather they crank up the release schedule and get the remaining 8 seasons (yes, as bad as some of the later years were...) vs. trying to recreate a vibe that they'll fail miserably at trying to recapture. Also, McKnight and Chino ??? You've got to be kidding right ??? That's pretty hysterical really... G
Millersville, pa USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 13:53:13 (PDT)
Michael Hedges: McGarrett was U.S. Navy. I can't say I'm wild about the idea of a 'woods colt' son, but we've seen worse schtick come down the pike. Don't like the name "Chris" for him, though. I mean, the most immediate association we have with the name "Chris" is the surname Vashon! heeheehee. Eh, if there were to be really good writing (I mean on the level of "The West Wing," but they sure won't get Aaron Sorkin to do it) and really good directing, maybe it could work. But if the writing or the directing are the least bit off, it could just as easily be a disaster. I am definitely, foursquarely ambivalent! Karen
Karen Rhodes
Middleburg, FL USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 13:45:41 (PDT)
Right on, Bill. For those who've never heard of Casper Van Dien, take a look at this picture and see what you think:
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 13:00:08 (PDT)
To portray the McGarrett son, Tim mentioned Casper Van Diem (whom I've never heard of), and Collin mentioned Matthew Fox. I just compared their pictures, and, based on looks alone, I'd easily choose Van Diem over Fox.
Rincon, GA USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 12:01:29 (PDT)
Here's my take on all this. No! No! No! Jack Lord is Steve McGarrett and James MacArthur is Danno Williams! There is no Chris McGarrett, no Chino, no Mike McKnight (is this Knight Rider??), no Zulukonokaua, no Dukedemeyer, no other whatchamacallit... or any other combination.. Give us the DVD releases of the original show in all its timeless and irreplaceable glory and forget about remakes... movies, TV-movies, mini-series, new TV shows... please can't anyone just come up with anything original and leave the past where it belongs... IN THE PAST!! My favorite show from my childhood - Knight Rider - I have all 4 seasons on DVD and I need nothing else! Don't want to see any movie starring Ben Affleck (as rumored) as Michael Knight's son, or some other cheap spin-off like Team Knight Rider, Knight Rider 2000, Knight Rider 2010, etc. etc. What's next? Knight Rider 4530 1/2? Give me a break... NO MORE REMAKES!!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 11:36:15 (PDT)
Who should play the next head of Five-O? Okay, I'll bite. 13 years ago I opted for Michael Douglas, but being as we are now talking about a TV show, how about Matthew Fox? 1) He can act (well), 2) He's good looking, 3) He already works on a TV series in Hawaii, so he wouldn't have to move! Just get rid of that stupid 'Chris McGarrett' schtick.
Shawnee, KS USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 09:49:37 (PDT)
Mr. Bernero's version of 5-0 does not use Steve McGarrett. His idea is using a previously unknown son named Chris McGarrett to head 5-0 unless I have any say in the matter. My version of the 5-0 story uses Mike McKnight and his sidekick Chino to replace Steve and Danno in the lead roles. The 'Late Chin Ho Kelly' is sorta an angel on Chino's shoulder who shows up only when Chino is in big trouble... ... Chino has a steady girl who is an Archaeological Professor at UH. The bad guys are the Triad,Yakusa,North Korean arms dealers and the Alcaida... And yes... I do have a 911/ATAC Connection... So tell me... Whose idea do you like better??? If you like mine, let your voices be heard,,,,
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 09:43:48 (PDT)
Yes but Jack Lord IS McGarrett. No way around it.
Cincy, OH USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 08:56:59 (PDT)
Who should play McGarrett? Answer: CASPER VAN DIEN !! I think the show could work if they make good casting choices. Casper Van Dien would be the perfect McGarrett character IMHO. He has the square-jaw, similar hair, and plays tough leaders well (Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers). He is also relatively unknown, which is a good thing!
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 06:41:32 (PDT)
Never mind. I just read that it will be shot on location, and with a reworked version of the original theme. So we know they'll a least be getting some of it right.
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 06:07:47 (PDT)
Pierce Brosnan has the same smouldering look and can also be intent looking. Would he to do it-maybe-maybe not, but he does have that charismatic charm and grittiness. Many similarities between Jack Lord and him not just in looks. Pierce lives in Hawaii so that would be a bonus from a logistics point of view. He also paints as well! Yes he is 52, but I think he could carry it off.
k darjo
tampa, fl usa - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 06:00:53 (PDT)
Has anybody read whether or not the show will be shot on location in Hawaii? I would think that would be a given, but you never know.
Columbus, OH USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 05:42:18 (PDT)
Aloha Jeff... Personally I have never seen Criminal Minds but maybe now I will take a peek. Oh- Magnum was Navy... McGarrett was Coast Guard. Maybe Steve can have a kid with that lovely actress in the 'Singapore files' or one of his other short romances who was held captive and never permitted to contact McGarrett or killed and her son lost all these years... after all, 5-0 has been off the air long enough to have a grown up sibling show up now. Either way you can be sure during shooting I will be trying to rub elbows with the Producers and staff with a SP in one hand and a business card in the other... After all I'm here 24-7 and I'm Five-0 Mike and might even be handling security.... My story is more movie or mini-series oriented anyway and is easily adaptable.
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 22:57:48 (PDT)
Good points all. However, let's not forget that McGarrett was in the Navy in his younger days and most likely traveled the world. Who's to say he didn't meet a lovely young woman in an exotic port somewhere and have a son. In fact, his whole backstory has been largely unexplored (I presume the age of the character when the series started was around early 40's, even though Jack himself was older). A lot of times the actions of young people, even the irresponsible ones, shape them into better, more responsible adults down the road, and who's to say McGarrett is any different. This producer's got some credibility in my book. He's a proven, experienced award-nominated writer, a former Chicago beat cop with a track record of successful shows ("Criminal Minds" and "Third Watch"). Based on this and his supposed love of "Five-0", he deserves a shot at showing us what he can do. Who's to say his interpretation is any less valid than Hedges' or anyone else. If it turns out to be a disaster, I'll be the first one to say so (after all, even Cannell did the acclaimed "Wiseguy" before he did the 1997 Five-0 pilot). Seeing a version of "Five-0" back on the air every week is pretty exciting to me.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 20:07:05 (PDT)
I don't know anything about this Bernero guy, I've never watched Criminal Minds. Frankly, I think Dick Wold would have been a good choice, provided he's a fan of the original series that is(as many posters have stated, being a fan should be the first requirement), which wouldn't surprise me, since the original Law & Order owes something to Five-O with its emphasis on intelligent writing and great stories over delving into the characters' personal lives. I don't mind the McGarrett having a son angle, as long as it's handled well. I actually had the same idea when contemplating a new Five-O series in order to add some continuity. My idea involved McGarrett having fathered a child out of wedlock before the original series started, which would make the son in his early 40's, the perfect age for a leading role in a dramatic program. I thought the mother might be a native Hawaiian. I think it would be interesting to have the new leader of Five-O be at least fifty percent Hawaiian, whether or not he's McGarrett's offspring, that way the natives aren't entirely relegated to the flunkie roles. But I understand the misgivings many of you have regarding McGarrett Jr. After all, Star Trek The Next Generation didn't need the son of Captain Kirk to be a success. Me, I'm keeping an open mind about the whole thing.
Columbus, OH USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 19:38:51 (PDT)
I'm thrilled at the thought of FIVE-0 in HD! If the show doesn't work out well, it'll at least be beautiful to watch. I've really enjoyed seeing all that scenery again on DVD. One article mentioned Kyle McLachlan, Peter Krause, and Jake Gyllenhaal as possible portrayers of McGarrett's son. I'm not up on present-day actors, but after looking at photos I'd be willing to accept either McLachlan or Krause, moreso than Gyllenhaal, as the new McGarrett -- it that's indeed how the storyline develops. Actually, the actor oughta be of Irish descent.
Rincon, GA USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 19:20:59 (PDT)
Hash it over all you like- some of you I agree with and others??? I read about the son thing 7 hours ago at 6am Hawaii time minutes afer MJQ made the posting about the 5-0 remake... At that time my position was NO COMMENT. Well now that I have seen your responses to the "Son" thing- I can not hold back any longer.... So? was this an illigitimate son biorn out of WEDLOCK? or did Steve just have an instant kid mixed up in a test Tube... McGarrett was not the marrying kind- he was married to his job- so I'd think twice about it before breaking out the champagne!!! I have over 700 pages of 5-0 dialogue (7 years in developement) ready today that makes sense and follows through like a real 5-0 fan's work. So Mister Producer from CBS... drop me a line at and let's have a sit down together and develop a 5-0 story that is believable... PS- The HPD Comissioner Boyd Andradi is a friend of mine... He read my 5-0 story a few years ago and really liked it as did many of the PD team... I'm sending him an upgraded copy of my HK Manuscript even as we speak... I suggest the new producer pick up a copy and do the same... Aloha Michael Hedges Honolulu Hi
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 16:23:20 (PDT)
From what I can tell, Ed Bernero does not appear to be another Stephen Cannell, so I would be surprised if we see such insanity as Gary Busey being cast or Chin Ho magically rising from the dead. If he's a fan of the show, and also the guiding force behind another contemporary cop show, I'm not too worried that it will either be a retread or something that is completely unrecognizable. The part about McGarrett having a son is not inconceivable. Hawaii Five-0 (and perhaps part of its charm) rarely delved into the characters' personal lives, so who's to say McGarrett didn't have a son late in life after he presumably retired, or that he didn't have a one-time estranged son before he took over Five-0 that didn't live in Hawaii. There are endless story possibilities that can deal with his backstory, so we owe Bernero his shot. Hawaii Five-0 was born on television, and it only seems right that it return to television, compared to porting it over to movies, which to me never seemed like a good idea. Mission: Impossible was carried over to the movies, and in my opinion it never worked (neither did the follow-up TV show but that's another story). I look forward to seeing further developments with the new Five-0, hopefully the pilot will be filmed and well-received and picked up as a full series by next fall, 2009. It would be even better if Bernero, being the fan of Five-0 that he says he is, comes to this website and opens up a dialogue with us.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 15:00:15 (PDT)
If you do a Google search for Ed Bernero, the man from "Criminal Minds" developing a "new" Five-O TV show, he seems to be a very "wired" kind of guy. On, he had a blog where he interacted with fans, though the most recent posting there dates from November, 2007. He also sent an e-mail to a fan blog which was posted (see this link).
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 14:08:29 (PDT)
Jeff, I hear what you are saying about character development in a TV series vs. a film. But how much character development did we see in 12 seasons of the entire Five-O team? Aside from a Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-O was not a "who", it was a "where" and "what". You could also say the same thing about other movies today as far as developing character. Realistically, you pad the movie with a couple of well-developed characters and use the suppporting cast well. I would hope that if you can make a series of movies with James Bond, Spiderman, or Mission:Impossible, then you can do the same thing with a Hawaii Five-O. As for this producer being a fan-boy, that gives me only mild comfort. His ideas, starting with the son of Steve McGarrett, already leave me cold.
Shawnee, KS USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 13:54:03 (PDT)
It does sound like the current television mode is retread. CBS has made a lot of money from the Five-O DVDs and suspects there's a gold mine in them there series. But the underlying reasons for the original's success included the chemistry and diversity of the lead characters, the relevant scripts and the groundbreaking direction. CBS' current successful series (the CSI trio, NCIS and others) have borrowed quite a bit from the Five-O formula. Is it possible to go back home again in the 21st Century? I don't think so, and the failures of other old series made new may illustrate that.
Pembroke Pines, FL USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 13:46:55 (PDT)
This is the best news (aside from DVD releases) that I've heard about Hawaii Five-0 in a long time. The oft-discussed motion picture just wouldn't work, as it prevents you from developing the characters very well. A new TV show could work, provided the person running the show is a huge fan of the old series (Stephen J. Cannell, who spearheaded the aborted 1997 remake, was NOT a fan). Based on the article, it sounds like the Five-0 2.0 showrunner is indeed a fan, and indicated he would keep a lot of the classic elements, albeit updated for modern times. If he's true to his word, and they cast it right, this could be great. A new series would also ensure that the original show DVD's would keep coming faster than ever and even potentially complete the series if the new show is successful. This is why we should all be cautiously excited by this news, it's a good thing!
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 13:35:42 (PDT)
This 'new' Hawaii Five-O series sounds like a train wreck to me. Chris McGarrett??? Come on!!! Nobody in Hollyweird has a brain to come up with something original anymore. It's all just "let's see what creative people used to do that was considered a success so we can copy it". It will fail because they will try to retread too much of the old show while at the same time injecting 'some' new elements, thereby alienating both the old fans and anyone new who might be interested. I give it 2 seasons at the very most. Meanwhile, whatever happened to George Litto's Five-O movie project? Last time I looked on imdb they had upgraded it to a 2010 release. That project has languished in developmental hell longer than a pervert at a strip club.
Shawnee, KS USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 11:26:48 (PDT)
In general, I am all for this, but I do hope that CBS gives more thought to the issue of "continuity" this time around (aka....bringing back a "dead" Chin Ho). It just seems to me that McG would be more likely to have a nephew to run Five-0 (since we know he has a sister on the mainland, that possibly could have had another baby). The original series makes no mention of McG having any children nor ever being married or any interest in such. (BTW....kudos to MQ for giving the issue of continuity great thought in his reviews...Freeman most assuredly could have used him on his writing staff. Continuity is a big issue with me b/c it is an indicator of how well a series is ran and put together.)
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 10:21:04 (PDT)
According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, the executive producer of Criminal Minds is working on a remake of Hawaii Five-O.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 09:26:02 (PDT)
Ironic, isn't it? Jack Lord prayed for help with the Tuesday time slot and the ratings went up (generally in the top five all four seasons). What did he do when CBS moved Five-O to Friday against The Rockford Files? For the eighth season, Five-O didn't even land in the top 30. The move to Thursdays improved the ratings some, but the show never went above Mo. 19 for the rest of its run. Also ironic is that "CBS: On the Air," a weeklong special which celebrated series on the nights they aired, chose to honor Five-O (which was still running at the time; this was March 1978) on Thursday night.
Peter Harris
Lubbock, TX USA - Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 12:12:11 (PDT)
To each his own, I guess, Chris, but "Paniolo" really puts me to sleep... so I guess it isn't useless after all, huh? LOL. Still, gotta agree with you on Royal Dano - always loved his unique raspy voice! This guy must have appeared in just about every Western made in the 50s, 60s, and 70s! "Book him, Dano!"
Philadelphia, PA USA - Saturday, August 09, 2008 at 09:37:55 (PDT)
I rewatched the sixth season show Tricks Are Not Treats and found that I liked it a lot more than when I originally saw it. In fact, I raised its rating from one and a half stars to three! Check out my latest thoughts by clicking on this link.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Sunday, August 10, 2008
Well, I couldn't disagree more with the poster who trashed Paniolo. It's one of my favorites, and not just because of the scenery and the music. I admit, the story isn't the most original, and the conclusion is fairly predictable, but the episode still packs a considerable whallop. Reason number one, the way the show combines elements of a classic western with a traditional cop storyline(the music and scenery being cases in point). For instance, the ep starts with the image of a rancher and his companion riding the range, and a viewer who didn't know he was watching Five-o might think he was tuned in to Bonanza or something. It isn't until the camera shows a bulldozer desecrating the land that the viewer knows he is in the modern world. Reminds me of the opening of La Dolce Vita, which lingers on ancient Roman ruins for a few seconds before a helicopter carrying a statue of Christ appears over the horizon. I love this juxtaposition of the old and the new. I also love how the opening of Paniolo establishes both character and theme, immediately, without any dialogue. We know pretty much all we need to know about the old rancher, that he is a traditionalist trapped in a modern world, from this brief and wordless exposition. The other thing that stands out about this episode is that it is character driven, and the characters are well drawn, even though they are drawn from stock types. The recalcitrant traditionalist who refuses to give up his land, his modern daughter, estranged from the old man, her son who clings to his grandfather's point of view, and the loyal friend, and the disloyal pseudo-friend. The relationships of these characters are extremely well done. I especially like the scene where the old man visits his daughter, and the scenes in the bar. The part where Royal Dano makes the joke about the missionary is priceless(anybody know if this actor is related to Paul Dano from There Will Be Blood?). All in all, a great episode. Another favorite episode that gets shortchanged here is To Kill Or Be Killed. I won't go into detail after boring you with my analysis of Paniolo, I'll just say it's one of the most powerful episodes of the series and leave it at that. I agree that seasons three and four are the best so far, that season three is where the show really picks up a head of steam. I prefer four, mostly because Cloth of Gold is my favorite episode, but also because I happen to love the lurid, sleazy, and edgy elements of the show, always have(Wednesday Ladies Free, I Want Some Candy, Skinhead, Didn't We Meet, etc.). Aloha.
Columbus, OH USA - Saturday, August 09, 2008 at 06:35:52 (PDT)
To Jeff: "The Streets of San Francisco" episode you watched where he plays a cop must have been "No Badge for Benjy" where he plays a cop Milt Dedini. Stick around and you'll see him reprise his Dedini role in that same second season in "Commitment" (a much superior episode directed by Superman and Lethal Weapon great Richard Donner!!) Thanks for the responses, guys. Take your time in thinking it over -- this is extremely important! Your answers will forever define who you are! LOL!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 11:53:12 (PDT)
Jeff: Here's a pretty good filmography on Watson. Died in 1997, around the same time as JL. Dang, I don't remember him starring in the original "In the Heat of the Night" of my favorite Sidney Poitier movies.
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 10:55:51 (PDT)
Ringfire: I will respond to your excellent question early next week as I want the weekend to do some review of seasons 3 & 4 before writing my response. However, I would like to share a quick story with you guys in relation to Nancy B's posting below and how much she enjoyed the Vashon trilogy. I actually remember as a boy when I first saw the ep where McG points his finger and says.."No, Vashon, I shot KILLED him, you and his grandfather a long time ago." I jumped off the couch and screamed..."DAMN RIGHT....BOOK HIM, McGARRETT!!" My mom came running into the living room and yelled..."What on earth is going on in here?!?!?!" Ok, do you guys (and dolls) want to share any embarrassing stories about yourselves like mine??? Aloha to all H 5-0 fans....
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 10:29:19 (PDT)
Also, speaking of William Watson and his guest roles, let's not forget his vicious performance in episode 150 from season 7, "Right Grave Wrong Body", wherein he was running around knocking over liquor stores and killing police informants. His best performance was definitely the season 9 classic "Elegy in a Rain Forest". Just watched him play a good guy for a change in a season 2 episode of "Streets of San Francisco" last night. He played a homicide detective, and he was very restrained compared to his Five-0 performances, although you could still see some of his trademark intensity poke through in spots. Whatever happened to him?
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 09:56:41 (PDT)
ringire, the main reasons I picked "Panilo" as one of my favorites were the musical score, which I think was scored by Don B. Ray or Shores, the western-style motif (always good to see Jack back on a horse), and the gorgeous Maui scenery and manhunt in the mountains. The plot itself was a little shaky, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment.
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 09:43:37 (PDT)
Hey Collin, you had some good season 4 picks there! William Watson (who played L.B. Barker) in "Good Night Baby, Time to Die" used to creep me out when I was younger! Total psycho-killer! The way he gets closer and closer and closer to his target as the episode progresses is really chilling! Of course, Watson's ultimate psycho was Marcus Lucien in season 9's "Elegy in a Rainforest"! Also a good pick was "Cloth of Gold" (great creepy score by Don Ray) -- this is an episode I never saw until I got the DVD. Also looking forward to "The Ninety-Second War", an episode which I never got to view in its entirety in syndication. Of course, "Rest in Peace, Somebody" speaks for itself!!! Absolute best!!! Thanks for the response Jeff, your season 3 picks are very similar to mine! But I have a bone to pick with "Paniolo". A turkey of an episode, if you ask me... Doesn't engage the viewer in any way, whatsoever... The Maui scenery is nice but that's about it... like watching grass grow... The other 2 turkeys from season 3 are "The Last Eden" and "To Kill or Be Killed" - somehow they just put me to sleep (though the ending of "To Kill" is quite emotional). But still, out of these 3 turkeys "Paniolo" gets my vote as the absolute turkey! Just my two cents... Anyone else have any opinions on seasons 3 and 4? Which do you guys prefer? Mike Hedges? Quigley? Big H? Rob? I'd appreciate any comments...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 09:12:26 (PDT)
I have to give the edge to Season 3 (an A+ season) over Season 4 (a B+ season). For me, season 3 is where Five-0 truly came into its own with the music (my particular favorites were ones scored by Richard Shores), the clever action-packed storytelling, and the performances. The hair and sideburns and '70s style and fashions hadn't flaired out of control as it started to in season 4, and there were a greater number of episodes with spotlights on Danno and even Kono and Chin compared to season 4. The material wasn't quite as edgy and envelope-pushing, and was a little more in the traditional style like season 1 and 2, and with Five-0 I kind of liked it that way. My favorite episodes have frequently been ones that didn't always push the boundaries of violence and lurid content. Some of my season 3 standouts were "And a Time to Die", "The Second Shot", "The Ransom", "Paniolo", "Force of Waves", "The Late John Louisiana", "Beautiful Screamer", "Over Fifty? Steal", "10,000 Diamonds and a Heart", and "FOB Honolulu". That said, I still enjoyed quite a number of season 4 episodes, I just felt it had a few more clunkers in the bunch, and the best ones usually weren't as good as the best season 3 shows. My favorites from season 4 were "Highest Castle, Deepest Grave", "Rest in Peace Somebody", "While You're at it, Bring in the Moon", "Cloth of Gold" and "For a Million, Why Not?"
Jeff Herman
Denver, CO USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 08:23:08 (PDT)
Ringfire, I would have to say I share your opinions about Seasons 3 and 4. Both were great and hard to pick a favorite, but I might give the edge to season 4. My favorites from that season are "Rest in Peace - Somebody", "Goodnight, Baby, Time to Die", and "The 90 Second War - part 1", and "Cloth of Gold".
Shawnee, KS USA - Friday, August 08, 2008 at 06:47:38 (PDT)
north haven, CT united states - Thursday, August 07, 2008 at 17:26:02 (PDT)
I'm currently watching season four and have pre-ordered season five from Amazon (the very best site for DVDs in my opinion). I've found the discs to be of excellent quality in all respects. I'm glad the releases are coming fast. I've noticed some series are taking literally YEARS to get from one season to the next (Dragnet, season one, was released over six years ago and still no season two)! Serious collectors need a forum to express likes and dislikes in order to influence the studios' practices and to get our questions answered "for real." I never knew until reading FAQs on your website that one of the episodes was withdrawn after one broadcast and the answer was factual and explanatory! I loved reading all the comments. Didn't know Jack was a megalomaniac but will always love him anyway (probably 'cause I never had to work for him or with him) for giving me Steve McGarrett and "Book 'im, Danno -- Murder One." (I remember I always loved his shoulder holster and just bought one in the same style!) While cops like McGarrett are only characters on TV, they hearten us because they are incorruptible and unambiguously on the side of the law and the victims of crime (like Joe Friday). My favorite comedic episode is "Over Fifty? Steal!" My favorite dramatic episode is "V for Vashon." My favorite line of Steve's is when Honore Vashon the father looks up at Steve, who has just taken out his criminal son (made a criminal by the father's teaching) in self-defense, and says: "You killed my son, McGarrett!" and Steve replies with an "only-McGarrett-could-do-it-like-that" thrust-out pointed finger: "No, Vashon. I shot him. YOU killed him!" -- then walks away. Sent a shiver up my spine. Top Cop through and through! I loved all the characters but especially Kono (Zulu), that big, pudgy Hawaiian cop with the cute face, nice eyes, and soft voice. A girl would feel very protected in Kono's company. Now I've learned Zulu was fired after season four (and, sadly, that he has passed). I always missed him and just thought he left the show. None of the subsequent sidekicks was unique, but I guess maybe he butted heads with Jack one time too many? One last comment on DVD releases in general -- the fact that this series is being released in complete seasons is absolutely great! Studios should stop making us collect by half seasons. Nobody likes that, including me! And they should speed up the releases on all series! The older we get, the less time we have to enjoy our favorite shows in pristine-perfect presentation (a heavenly gift, to be sure) with no cuts, ads, or screen junk like promos and monogram logos (we can't take 'em with us, more's the pity!). We can't wait years! Also, I agree and sympathize with Marie Lord 150%, bless her heart for being such a loving wife. I have no other picture in my mind of Jack except in top form and that's nice. I used to wonder if Mrs. Lord was glad that the script called for Jack to kiss an actress only once or twice in all those years!!!! I would have been! Last, you have a great website. Thanks!
Nancy Brown
Topanga, CA USA - Thursday, August 07, 2008 at 16:27:52 (PDT)
Aloha everyone! I would like to get as many opinions as possible on this topic. I was just wondering what season do fans like more - Season 3 or Season 4? I think both are fabulous (as were the first 2 seasons!), but I've read in many places how the writing became greater in seasons 3 and 4 and how the show became stronger during those years, eventually culminating with the awesome Season 5! So, which do you guys prefer, season 3 or season 4? I guess I should start. While I love both almost equally, I guess I have to give a slight edge to season 4 since this is the season that gave me the tight/disturbing sniper thriller "And I Want Some Candy and a Gun that Shoots" (directed by Mike O'Herlihy) and my personal favorite "Rest In Peace, Somebody" (directed by Paul Staley) where McGarrett is taunted by a voice with a deadly grudge. "Hey, stupid", taunts the voice. Still, season 3 has winners like "The Second Shot", "The Ransom", "Beautiful Screamer", "Over Fifty? Steal", "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney" so you can't go wrong with either of the two seasons!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Thursday, August 07, 2008 at 12:25:39 (PDT)
Ringfire...thanks for the correction. I knew that it was an episode where either Danno or Chin Ho was in big trouble b/c Kono said something that really pissed off McG.
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Thursday, August 07, 2008 at 09:08:42 (PDT)
Wayne C. Erdman
Emmaus, PA USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2008 at 16:34:09 (PDT)
Yes, definitely a scene that really sticks out in "40 Feet High" - the Mr. Fat comment by Will Geer and then Wo's flinch response. Classic! And I do agree that Michael O'Herlihy gave us some fabulous episodes! I also loved the revolving 360 degree upside down shots! He actually directed the most Five-0 episodes! He also directed his brother Dan O'Herlihy in season 8's "Termination with Extreme Prejudice". Another great director for me has been Paul Stanley - he directed my personal all-time fave "Rest in Peace, Somebody" (from season 4). His other classics include "Odd Man In" (Filer episode), "The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney", "The Late John Louisiana", "Killer Bee", "A Bullet for McGarrett", "One for the Money", and the Chin Ho classic "Cry, Lie" - it is in this episode that Mcgarrett tells Kono "If I didn't love you as a brother, I'd punch you right in the mouth". This was in response to Kono busting into McG's office and yelling at him for suspending Chin.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2008 at 13:16:10 (PDT)
To Collin: Yes, "40ft High" is one of the best, but you left out the most memorable part...the scene that is indelibly etched in my mind is when Lochner refers to Wo Fat as "Mr. Fat" and Khigh Dhiegh gives that memorable "facial flinch." The best Wo Fat scene, IMHO. Also, to Rob...didn't McG actually say to Kono.."Kono, if I didn't love you like a brother, I would punch you in the mouth." Doesn't that line come from ep# 5? Very interesting comments from other posters on JL the private man vs. JL the actor....
Big H
Raleigh, NC USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2008 at 10:13:06 (PDT)
According to Wikipedia, Michael O'Herlihy directed 24 episodes of Hawaii Five-O. I have no great urge to talk about all of them, but I do want to point out some observations I made while rewatching “Forty Feet High and It Kills”. With O’Herlihy as director, you tend to find very good to excellent episodes, this being one of them. I love the opening music when the Chinese agents are making their way into the weather tracking institute. Some great use of camera angles throughout this episode. In fact, I sometimes think of this as the “Batman” episode of H5-O. O’Herlihy seems to like the use of upward and downward angles. Note, for example, the angle as the cars drive off from the genetics conference after the Tsunami warning. Also, note the tilted camera angle after Lochner is first brought to the warehouse hideout of Wo Fat. This entire scene is shot with angles, close-ups and master shots that remind me of the 1960’s Batman TV show. To my knowledge, O’Herlihy never directed a single episode of that series. Wo Fat is even portrayed quite well as a larger-than-life but believable villain in this episode. BTW, excellent acting by Khigh Deigh: during his repartee with Lochner, when he says nothing and just looks at the old man, so much is communicated to the audience with his silence and lack of facial expression. Less is more. The other supporting cast is also excellent in this episode. Will Geer does a great job, although why they chose to dress him like Colonel Sanders is beyond me. BTW, if they kept drugging Lochner, an apparent brittle diabetic, with chloroform, chances are he would’ve died before McGarrett showed up. Again, as with all great episodes of H5-O, it comes down to excellent writing, directing, and acting.
Shawnee, KS USA - Wednesday, August 06, 2008 at 08:39:29 (PDT)
Aloha Rob... It is called Method Acting.... Each star has his own thing... Lt. Castille speaks low but secretively and scares the hell out of everyone- Segal kicks A>>>- Rambo grunts- Monk plays with his disinfectant and latex gloves- Grissom plays with his bugs- Kojak played with his lolipop- the boss from CSI Miami talks low and slow. -- Mc Garratt is in command... His job is to shout out orders... it is that simple.... If they want you to cry they make you sniff on some onions of remind you of a tragic event in your life to get the tears going... I never met a new recruit that liked his Drill Sergeant- not till the DI saved his butt on the battlefield anyway... If the co-star is not effective enough to get a great take, the star or the director will purposely get him pissed so the actor will shout back hard and loud! --- Well I can tell you that during the reunion in Hawaii the cast and crew had a blast...plenty of food, drink entertainment and re-hashing the good old times. 'Maximum Security' did the security for the re-union- I work for Pacific Island Security- Maximum Security IS Pacific Island Security so you can take that to the bank!
Michael Hedges
Honolulu, Hi USA - Tuesday, August 05, 2008 at 09:54:28 (PDT)
Yes, he WAS the star. No one is disputing that fact. But must he keep banging people over the head with that fact? Hey, Jack, mellow out, buddy, we get it, man... Sure, his performance was light-years away from the rest of the cast - it was supposed to be! He is the TOP COP, he instills fear in his enemies, he grits his teeth when talking to scum, he hates crime with passion, he takes his job personally! My favorite McGarrett line is still from season 10's "A Death in the Family" when he grits his teeth at Reni Santoni (the punk who wasted Chin) and growls, "Don't you EVER call me cop. The name is McGarrett and the title is MISTER!" Classic! The rest of the cast was just to support him. Say "Yes, boss", "No, boss". In fact, that's the way the show was written and pretty sure that's how Jack wanted it to be. We all know that he wouldn't agree to share equal camera time with anyone else. Still, who says the supporting cast couldn't shine when called upon to do so? Remember Danno's brilliant and heart-crushing performance when he finds out his girlfriend Anne Archer has been strangled in "Beautiful Screamer" or Chin's sympathetic performance in "Cry, Lie"? But such cases were rare because this was not that type of show that lingers too long on each individual character. So, come to think of it, not sure what Jack expected of the "supporting players"? They did what was written for them to do and I personally wouldn't have it any other way. I like that type of by-the-book cop show - they don't make 'em like that anymore. Now it's just all part cop show/part soap opera. I like the idea of "McGarrett and his Merry Men"! Oh, and I agree that sometimes when you see Danno blow up at Steve, it almost looks too real... like he's not even acting! Or what about the time Steve tells Kono, "If you weren't a friend, I'd punch you right in the mouth!" Makes you wonder if he didn't really want to do that... By the way, sorry, Jack didn't pray about Mannix but he was fuming about it with the reporter in his trailer after shooting.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Tuesday, August 05, 2008 at 09:38:36 (PDT)
Well, personally for me I think the show would not have been what it was had it not been for Jack Lord "IS" McGarrett. Y'all know how I feel about that. The weird part is before I started delving into the history of the cast and actual on-the-set shooting of the series and the controversy surrounding it's star's treatment of the supporting cast I would get this eerie feeling whenever the characters argued or bumped heads on the show. It seemed like it was just too true to life, like they weren't really acting. Those leers Danno could give Steve when they disagreed. The passion with which McGarrett would instill his authority and force on them as cops. Like when he tells Danno in Samurai about how he should have been protecting that witness and Danno blows up at him. There are other occasions too numerous to mention. He ran 5-0 like he ran the set. He was the star and IMHO Lord's performances where light-years beyond what the suppporting cast was bringing to the set. Seemed like they were letting off some real steam. Now knowing all of the stories about what it was really like on the set it leaves me wondering. Fascinating.
Cincy, OH USA - Tuesday, August 05, 2008 at 07:59:23 (PDT)
There is a comment yesterday in the Guestbook as follows:
I remember reading an article on Mike Quigley's site about an incident during the filming of season 4's "The Burning Ice" at Sea Life Park. The reporter covering the event was dumbstruck when he saw Jack actually gather everyone to pray over the episode because CBS moved Mannix into Five-0's usual timeslot and so now they had to REALLY WORK HARD on season 4!

If you use the Search facility on the main page, you will find this article located at

The section of the article referred to is as follows:

The talk of the set is the impassioned opening-day speech Jack had made to the troops early that morning. It was strictly King Henry V before Agincourt, Churchill before the Battle of Britain, Rockne before the army game. He called for "blood, sweat and tears" to overcome the disadvantages of the new time slot (the show, which has been a highly rated Wednesday night fixture, is being shifted to Tuesday this fall). He ended with a silent prayer.
This does not specifically say that Lord prayed for the episode in relation to Mannix.

Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC, Canada - Tuesday, August 05, 2008(PDT)
OK Ringfire from Philly... "No way Jose!" You've shown us what you're made of... I'm outta here!
Michael Hedges
Honolulu , Hi USA - Monday, August 04, 2008 at 22:59:14 (PDT)
Why did the "supporting players" stay there for as long as they did? MONEY and NAME RECOGNITION! When you've got a sure thing going, why mess with it? Nobody from Five-0 actually did anything post-Five-0 (with the exception of season 12's William Smith), so they prob'ly made the right choice sticking with the show. They weren't exactly in high demand and the show was a ratings success and the bread kept coming in, so the choice is pretty clear... Speaking of which, who says you have to be a jerk in order to make your show successful? Magnum PI lasted 8 years (long enough!!) and Tom Selleck didn't have to be a controlling nut-case in order to make that show work. He didn't HAVE to be THE STAR! He just was... no big deal... no fuss about it. No need to keep banging people over the head reminding them that you're a star.. and then playing the humble soul by staying away from the public eye and refusing to take pictures. Besides, who says that Five-0 HAD to run for 12 years? Not much good can be said for the show's final years -- especially after season 9! So, yeah, they stuck though for the money, but even Jimmy got tired of it all and left after season 11. I remember reading an article on Mike Quigley's site about an incident during the filming of season 4's "The Burning Ice" at Sea Life Park. The reporter covering the event was dumbstruck when he saw Jack actually gather everyone to pray over the episode because CBS moved Mannix into Five-0's usual timeslot and so now they had to REALLY WORK HARD on season 4! Hey, I attend church regularly and prayer is an important part of my life, but SERIOUSLY, dude, what are you doing? You're asking God to bless this episode??!! Give me a break.. So the reporter says that many there were "just for the bread" but to Jack this was soooooo much more! The man was just plain obsessed with the show and so he expected everyone else to be just as obsessed without even a slight thought that maybe.. just maybe.. for some this was merely... (gasp!!).. a JOB. I mean... Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Beverly Hillbillies, All In the Family, Happy Days, Law & Order, Murder She Wrote, Matlock... numerous other successful shows that didn't HAVE to have a tight-gripped madman running the shabang. I'm sure it wasn't all peaches and cream on all those other shows either, but geez... I've never come across any such story of someone who just had to be so egotistical and power-mad when it came to HIS SHOW.
Philadelphia, PA USA - Monday, August 04, 2008 at 20:09:06 (PDT)
Did you know that Jack Lord was not first pick for McGarrett? The top cop position was originally offered to Gregory Peck- he turned it down.- Someone asked about the opening scenes? The curling wave was shot was originally for and seen in the 1967 true life surf fanatic movie "Surfari" up at the Bonzai Pipeline. - Mc Garrett is standing on what appears to be a landing outside the Penthouse suites at the Illikai Hotel - The scary looking statue is Lady Columbia at the National Cemetary of the Pacific. The beautiful hula dancer went on to be a Professor at Windward college... Some noticed slight changes of Steve's office. During the 9th season only, an office building down the block was used while the aging Iolani Palace was getting a much needed facelift after nearly being torn down to become a parking lot... Some mentioned earlier that Jack Lord was not nice to his crew and co-stars. We both grew up in Brooklyn New York and when you grow up there the Attitude just comes with it.... Just ask any HPD officer from District one about me and they will tell you I act the same way. It's in our B'klyn breed DNA and there's nothing anyone can do about it. That's one of the reasons they call me "Five-0" down here. Sure he was a perfectionist- but he kept the show alive longer than anyone I can think about other than General Hospital and it is still going strong today.... If the cast really did not like him why did most stick for many of those 12 years? I would have been out of there quicker than you could say "No Way Jose!"
Michael Hedges
Honolulu , Hi USA - Monday, August 04, 2008 at 17:52:04 (PDT)
to the world, hawaii five o represented the cool restrained confidence america possessed in abundance back in that era!! love every minute of it.
somewhere, far away - Monday, August 04, 2008 at 08:54:31 (PDT)
I sent an e-mail to "Danno" ... I hope he signs on and fills us in on the post 5-0 years... --- Aloha James, I'm Michael Hedges, you may remember me, the writer from Honolulu... About my book "Hawaiian Knights Saga", I tried to send you a copy through your agent... but I don't know if you ever received it? One thing I know for sure is it did not come back in the mail so someone has it... I had to change the names to Michael Mc Knight and Chino Konokono to keep from getting sued by the 5-0 owners, but the stories are a mix of 5-0, Magnum PI and Shogun.. if you have time you can check out my homepage at I post a few times a week on the Mike Quigley 5-0 homepage and there is a lot of scuttlebutt about you and Jack not getting along with each other or he with any of the cast members and crew... Maybe you can post your blog on the MJQ homepage and set the story straight-true or false? I can be e-mailed at If you would like me to send you a fresh paper copy of my manuscript let me know where to send it and I will mail it out ASAP for you to check out. I have the SP's too, but I have a tendancy to make them quite long and descriptive and worth a whole seasons of TV, a miniseries, or at least 3 big screen movies... If you would like to partner up on the project feel free to drop me a line... Hope to hear from you soon.... Mike Hedges, Honolulu Hi
Michael Hedges
Hollywood , Hi USA - Monday, August 04, 2008 at 04:38:45 (PDT)
Well, Mike, I'm not sure what you expect Danno or anyone else to say. I believe we have all heard the story -- one doesn't have to look far, just watch the season 1 "Five-O Island Memories" featurette. While they all say nice things about Jack when it came to his passion for strong performances, you'll note that they all said one thing in common and that is that Jack Lord was difficult to work with, and that's putting it mildly. Looks like they were really cutting the guy some slack. You'll note that Zulu (who is more outspoken) was much more critical of Jack -- probably more accurate too of the way Jack really was! I mean we all want to hear nice things about Jack, but the truth is the truth and you can't hide it. You have to figure there must have been some strong animosity on the set for those long 12 years. But guess what? All the supporting cast -- they didn't pout or scatter. They went on with their lives. They even came back for the reunion and actually had some nice things to say about Jack. But where was Jack? Sure, he had Alzheimers but I think knowing Jack and his reclusive nature it's a safe bet that even in good health he would not have come to the reunion. Just a strong gut feeling I have. Did you see Richard Denning (the Governor) -- he was truly scary-looking (like a skeleton), but guess what? He had a meeting with Danno! He really didn't have to, but he did. Jack even in good health would not have done that much for his fans, because in Jack's world "the Lord" always came first. If he wasn't comfortable in public than so be it and to hell with the fans. That's the vibes I got from Jack. Otherwise, a great actor! But seriously, I think the "supporting players" (hee-hee) were more than kind to him. Don't know what more can be expected of them... A few of them even spoke of Jack in tears regretfully remembering and asking "Why, Jack, why? Why did you have to be that way?" Makes one wonder, huh? The knight's shining armour may have been quite tarnished...
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 20:45:24 (PDT)
---- I hope to clear one thing up about Jack Lord's final years. Yes it is true that he became reclusive and would not see anyone. Yes his immediate COD was congenital heart disease... And yes Marie Lord was trying to protect Jack as would any loving wife would, even up to the day she died from the tabloids- and keep his good name alive with his ever growing syndication following.--- Can you imagine how many smut reporters would be banging on her door if the truth ever got out to get that "Million Dollar Photo" of 'The Man' lying there shribbled up and wasting away? --- Now the facts--- "It is better that you remember her as she was... not the way she is now" These words were spoken by my mother when my 93 year old grandmother lie twisted up in intensive care after a debilitating stroke the day before she passed... So what is so unfair about that?... A loved one trying to keep only the good memories alive?--- The same was true of Jack and Marie- Marie loved Jack and she also knew his robust love of life and the islands... Well that love of life was sucked out of Jack in his final years as his Altzheimers illness progressed. To watch someone die like that is not an easy thing to do and Marie did what she thought was best at the time to keep Jack Lord's immage alive and well. ,,, The heart disease is just a by product of one's body shutting down- 'twas the Altzheimers that took McGarrett away from us as it did my own father long ago... So cut Marie some slack and forgive her from hiding the truth from even his closest of friends and try to remember the Top Cop for what he was... A friend to us all... So what if Jack did not want us to see his condition worsening, that is his and his families oun personal right... If you watched someone you loved dying slowly at first and then the rate increasing incrementially with each passing month and finally week you would feel the same way... So no more cheap name calling.... If Jack could, he would have been there till the end just like John Wayne- but he couldn't by no fault of his own. ... Frankly I am kind of upset that none of Jacks co-workers or friends including James McArthur never take the time to get online and post their feelings on this the MJQ HAWAII FIVE-0 site. In retrospect- I AM CHALLENGING any of you 5-0 cast members, old friends and film associates to come to this site and tell us YOUR story and not let others who know not you or Jack do it for you... And that goes double for you Danno!
Michael Hedges
Hollywood Ca / Honolulu, Hi USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 15:49:02 (PDT)
Wo! what did I miss? What was all that SHOUTING about... And who says Al Harrington was to tall? Mc Garrett would never use that language!
Michael Hedges
Honolulu , H USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 15:01:21 (PDT)
Correction the upcoming 40th! Aniversary.
Arley Scott
Littlestown, Pa USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 14:52:39 (PDT)
Any Information on what if any thing that might be planned to commerate the 30th aniversary which is comming up this fall?
Arley Scott
Littlestown, Pa USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 14:50:16 (PDT)
Look, I love Jack Lord's portrayal of McGarrett. He was a fantastic actor and a large chunk of the show's success (along with island scenery!!). But face it -- the man was an ego-MANIAC! It's not anyone's fault he acted like a MENTAL CASE on the set. I understand that he was different from most other people and that he had different drives, but his problem was that he didn't give a crap as to how or what other people's priorities were. He understood things HIS way and everyone HAD to see things HIS way, or else... HIS face HAD to be in the camera! HE was the STAR! Everyone else was a supporting PLAYER! Al Harrington wasn't right for the part of Ben because... get this... he was TOO TALL! What the...?? God forbid anyone on the show is taller than the Lord himself! I mean, sorry, but what do you call a guy who reasons this way? I know that personally I could never ever work with a guy like that. I LOATHE arrogant people like that! So I can't for a second blame Jimmy, or Kam, or Zulu or countless other folks who, no matter how much they would like to, just cannot bring themselves to say nice things about the guy. Face it, when you're a prick, you're a prick. There is no changing that. It's really a shame that one of the finest TV stars ever was a prick! McGarrett was the Man, but Jack Lord was a prick... simple as that! Also, you'll note that even though most people say these nasty things about Jack, they're really talking about his character. I have yet to see any of these people say anything nasty about him when it came to his performances or his dedication to the craft of acting!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 14:17:16 (PDT)
I have a different version of the "Marie Lord" interview and it will be on my YouTube site soon. And from that interview it did not show that of Marie's stroke. And James MacArthur never had anything nice to say about Jack in this interview either. I was very disappointed in their comments about Jack. They made him out to be a Mental case..
Reno, NV USA - Sunday, August 03, 2008 at 11:03:09 (PDT)
Yup, definitely another fine performance by Selzer in "Trouble in Mind". The way he just keeps babbling away to Nancy Wilson as she is having her "bends" is memorable in a creepy sort of way. Then we find out about the rat poison on the shelf! Terrific scene!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 20:41:16 (PDT)
Yes I love the ending of cloth of gold. I seem to recall Seltzer in another one with nancy wilson about the bad smack on the street.
cincy, oh usa - Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 15:09:05 (PDT)
Just got Season 4 on DVD and saw "Cloth of Gold" (never ever seen this episode before!!) and "While You're at It, Bring in the Moon" and it looks like the estate where Jay Robinson, Jason Evers, and Ray Danton all hung out (and died!!) is the Magnum, PI estate. I can see the stony Rabbit Island (Manana Island) in the background as well as the tide pool. Same thing with the ending of "Bring in the Moon" where McG confronts Ed Flanders who has the remote-controlled rifle pointed at McG - that again looks like the Magnum, PI estate with Rabbit Island and tide pool in the background. Speaking of "Moon", another fine performance from Milton Selzer! Someone mentioned his awesome performance in "Strangers in Our Own Land" as Lester Willighby. I absolutely agree! His finest performance and my favorite part of that episode!
Philadelphia, PA USA - Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 14:31:08 (PDT)
From time to time, I get what are ... um ... "interesting" questions and comments about Five-O. You can read some of these on this page:
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Saturday, August 02, 2008
I just finished watching Odd Man In (# 86) and notice something unusual when Filer is looking at the dock through his binoculars and sees a scuba diver (presumably Goro Shibata) who dives off the pier and McGarrett is in the background standing by his car with the rear passenger door open and soon as Shibata is over the pier, McGarrett shuts the door and goes around the front of the car. Then, Filer's focus is shifted to his left and you see Kono running toward the location where Shibata went over the pier. Was McGarrett's presence in this shot a mistake?
Rama Maline
Seal Beach, CA USA - Friday, August 01, 2008 at 21:14:56 (PDT)
Collin, I don't remember the prices for the earlier seasons being less expensive, but it has been a while. At any rate, 34.99(which is the Amazon rate, not what you will end up paying if you buy it at a store) isn't bad compared to other shows, and at least CBS is releasing the seasons in their entirety instead of half a season at a time. I recommend preordering from Amazon, often Amazon will ship a preordered product before its actual release date and the buyer ends up receiving it the same day as a person who goes out and buys it at a store, and at a lesser price.
Columbus, OH USA - Friday, August 01, 2008 at 15:48:42 (PDT)
Chris, thanks for the information. I am more than just unhappy about what CBS has been raising the price of the collective season DVDs. After season 2, the price went up > $10 per set USA. Clearly they saw a cash-cow and just decided to jack up the price ~25%.
Shawnee, KS USA - Friday, August 01, 2008 at 07:59:33 (PDT)
Good news. You can now preorder season five of Five-O from Amazon for 34.99. You can also preorder the first five seasons in one package. Just wanted to let everybody know.
Columbus, OH USA - Friday, August 01, 2008 at 06:53:21 (PDT)
I was going through a bunch of old video tapes and finally found this interview with Marie Lord conducted at the 1999 Hawaii Five-O convention in Honolulu which was aired on Inside Edition. You can see it on YouTube.
Mr. Mike
Vancouver, BC Canada - Friday, August 01, 2008

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