C/H/Q Paper Products - Meet the Team

C/H/Q Paper Products® - Meet the Team!

Here's your chance to meet the C/H/Q Paper Products® writing team behind the next season shows. Don't forget to check out their blog!


Curry is a techno-geek and self-acknowledged pedant. She spends virtually her every waking moment in front of her television or computer screen (often both at the same time). One of her main delights in life is discovering and expounding upon plot inconsistencies, continuity errors, and other niggling production mistakes in television programs. She is thrilled beyond her wildest dreams that the new Hawaii Five-0 has proven such fertile ground for her talents. She spends much of her free time maintaining the perfect manicure; a difficult hangnail removal often results in very cranky postings to television-related Internet forums. Her contributions to the C/H/Q® team effort consist mainly of "Awww" moments, McGarrett/Danno banter, and "Steve has a MacGyver moment or brainstorm." She does not take kindly to Quincy's constantly muttering expressions from the original show such as "This story idea is much too heavy for a lady," and "No dames!"


The elusive Hermano, born in Latin America, is quick to point out that his name means "brother," or "bro" [more correctly, "bra" -- Quincy]. His specialties are scenes with explosions and shootouts, plus those where McGarrett flouts authority and where the Five-0 team gathers around their supercomputer and finds clues. A self-styled conspiracy freak, Hermano is totally paranoid about germs and is usually seen wearing protective rubber gloves. He claims to have solved the riddle of the JFK assassination while still in kindergarten, but has hidden his findings in a time capsule buried somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere; its location will only be revealed 40 years after the last Five-0 remake is screened. He has spent a lot of time lobbying Homeland Security to adopt the use of whole-body scanners at airport screening points since he prefers the possibility of receiving a lethal dose of radiation to actually being touched by another human being. He has recently taken up a new cause: Discovering the answer to the age-old mystery of whether Jack Lord wore a hairpiece.


Quincy is one of the few people on the planet to watch all of the 293 original Five-O series episodes including the rarely-seen 13th season. As a result, he is a walking, talking encyclopedia on all things classic Five-O. His objective is to make sure the spirit of the old infuses the new. He comments: "We are blessed to be able to have such a great cast with professionals like Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park to spread the word of the Lord ... Jack, that is." What he enjoys writing the most for the next season are torture-while-interrogating scenes, "Danno gets his knickers in a knot" scenes, and any scenes which feature large-breasted women. His interest in Five-O began many years ago when he used to watch the original series every week with his father after helping his dad work in their family's Miami Beach delicatessen. He is continually a thorn in the side of CBS's program standards department, trying to work expressions like "████", "██████████", and "████████████" into the scripts.


In early 2018, C/H/Q looked to hire another writer, but their name had to begin with "C," "H," or "Q" so as to maintain continuity with the team's brand recognition. Cromwell was only the 30th most talented writer to apply for the position, but due to the requirement to hire someone with a "C" name, he scored the job. He was raised watching the original Five-O –- literally. His parents were very neglectful, and constantly plopped him in front of the TV when "Five-O" was on, because that cool-looking wave stopped him from crying as a baby. This caused ADHD symptoms which remained with Cromwell through adulthood, and his lack of focus caused him difficulty at school and work, as he always seemed to be wasting time. Fortunately, with his new position at C/H/Q, he fell into the perfect job, as each episode of the new Five-0 is expected to contain substantial time-wasting segments, allowing him to draw on his previous life experience. In his spare time, Cromwell likes to edit Wikipedia articles, and remove any material which he doesn't think it properly sourced. One of his proudest moments was trekking to Hawaii, and using the same gas station bathroom that Jack Lord had once used in an "emergency" when on the way to the set in 1977.