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Volume 6           January, 2009             Issue 1





Harry Endo (aka Che Fong)

By Terri Whitman


Sadly, two more actors of Hawaii Five-0 have gone. This bit of sad news flashed in the newspapers and on line. It is inevitable though because of the continuation of time…it waits for no one…as we know. Harry Endo was the first I had heard to die this year and followed closely by Ricardo Montalban.


Harry Endo wasn’t the only person to portray the forensic expert, Che Fong, that Steve McGarrett always counted on so heavily to prove or disapprove the validity of the crime scene clues. Endo was the one who stayed though. We all got to know his cherub type of smile and his knowing eyes as he presented the facts to the top cop.


Not much is known about Che Fong. His character was without a family history, though some fanfiction writers created one for him.


On December 24, 1969 Harry Endo appeared in an H50 episode called ‘Which Way Did They Go?’ Endo portrayed a bank manager who was named Keoki but the credits called his character Kaspar. It wasn’t until after that did he appeared as Che Fong for another 110 more episodes ending with the episode ‘Up The Rebels’ on September 15, 1977. His part as Che Fong was usually shot in the mornings, which meant it didn’t interfere with his full time job with the bank.


After Hawaii Five-0, Harry Endo appeared in three other TV shows…twice in Magnum P.I. and once each in Murder, She Wrote and Jake and the Fat Man. Endo also appeared, along Zulu and Frances Nuyen, in the failed TV pilot Code Name: Diamond Head on May 3, 1977.


Married for 60 years to Myrtle, Endo is the father of two: daughter Leslie Baker and son Scott Endo. Born in Colorado in 1921, he sadly passed away on January 9, 2009 of a stroke at New York’s Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn.


Harry Endo (aka Che Fong) you will be missed by many.




Hawaii Five-0 and Jack Lord

By Al Cater


Episode..."Is This Anyway To Run A Paradise?"

4th Season Aired 12/14/71 Ep# 7113


Synopsis: McGarrett searches for an ecology fanatic whose pranks are harmless until he threatens the lives of those he feels are the cause of the islands’ pollution.


It was just another day at Murray Air when Bill Stearns (my boss) came into my office and said, "Hey Carter, I need you to go to Maui for a week and help Bob with the workload." To which I replied, "Yes, I will get right on it!" So, when Monday morning came I jumped into the Stearman, taxied out to the runway and headed out toward Maui… "Wow’wee." I was looking forward to a great week in Maui and thinking, this is the best life as a crop duster! Maui is the place for fun, honeymooners, movie stars, vacationers and…crop dusters? Yea, I was somewhere in between! What a life!


Then on Wednesday, I got a call from our Honolulu office to fly for an episode in the TV series Hawaii Five-O, which was being filmed in Honolulu, near Pearl Harbor. There goes the "Wow’wee," and was I amazed, surprised, and just about fell over! Then I thought, "What in the heck do they want with me and a Stearman used for crop dusting? Well, I guess I’ll find out soon enough."


So, after flying all day, I couldn’t wait to take a flight on Hawaiian Airlines to Honolulu for my next day’s job! I stayed in my ‘home away from home’, the pilot’s room at the Honolulu Murray Air Service full of wonder and anticipation. The next morning when I awoke, I just couldn’t eat, so I downed the coffee, and got ready before the scheduled event at 8:00 am.


"It’s a bright and beautiful sunny day, and great for filming," I thought to myself, before making my way toward the Flight Line where the Stearman was parked. I kept thinking…"this is going to be fun, a really fun day". After calling the Tower, I was cleared to taxi to Runway 4 and then proceeded to wait for the green light. As soon as they gave me the green light, I was authorized to take off, ascend, and turn left toward our Pearl Harbor airstrip.


As I flew high above the blue waters, and clear skies, with the warmth of the sun on my face in the open cockpit, it just felt great! As I approached the airstrip high above, and circling around, getting ready to descend downward, I couldn’t help but notice all the parked cars, large trailer, and people everywhere close to the sugar cane. There were lots of things going on, and I was invited to what would become a ‘memorable occasion’ for me, one that I would never forget. I landed on the runway, and parked over to the side, climbed out of the airplane, and jumped down on the ground. It was then, that a man walked toward me and said,


"Hey, we’re so glad you here, and we need to quickly get your smoke bombs set up on DA airplane."


I said, "Smoke bombs?"


And, he said, "Yea, you are going to be shot down!"


"WHAT?" I said with a little indignation.


"No, no, not like dat, not fo’ reel, jus make believe, yu, no? And also, we geev yu daseeg-nal of DA igniters, wen to pull." Then he told me it would take about 45 minutes to get everything ready on the airplane, and I could just relax during the interim.


So, as I started to walk around, I turned slightly and coming toward me was Jack Lord with his hand extended out to shake my hand! And, I had thoughts that I wouldn’t meet him? Here he was, and looking most friendly and eager to make my acquaintance! He said, "I am so glad you are here!"


Then I said back, "Well Mr. Lord, it is really my pleasure to be here!"


He said, "Please call me Jack!" Then he said, "First things first, I want you to meet Danno."


Well, I knew that meant James MacArthur, who was a well-seasoned movie star with a lot of credits to his name. So, as we walked together toward the air-conditioned trailer, I thought to myself, what a gracious man, and truly he has the ‘aloha spirit.


He knocked on the trailer door, and out popped James MacArthur, and Jack said to him, "I want you to meet our pilot for the day." And, so I had a brief hello with Danno, and then shortly afterward we made our way back to the set.


We spent considerable time together working out the logistics of my flying scene, and he wanted me to fly like a crazy pilot, and do some hair raising turns, which is completely opposite of my specialized training as an ag-pilot. But, this was the movies, and with careful maneuvers I could pull it off and look a little loco.


During the course of the day I spent approximately five hours with Mr. Lord before the flying scene and afterward. I noticed how meticulous he was in getting everything exact, and with his camera dangling off of his shirt he was taking pictures constantly for all kinds of angle shots, etc. For the first 45 minutes before I flew, he really took time with me, and was sincerely interested in my career, and where I graduated, and various other crop dusting jobs.


Then at one point he told me that I should meet his friend Hugh O’Brien who has a collection of antique airplanes. I told him, that if that could be arranged, I would love to see those planes. Well, 45 minutes never went by so fast, and it was time to fly!


Everything was set, I had the smoke bombs on board, and I was told to look down and keep my eye on the rifle which fires blanks that send out smoke and that would be my signal to pull my smoke bombs in the airplane. I did a couple of passes, ticked the top of the sugar cane to look like that ‘wild pilot’, and on the last pass I saw the smoke from the rifle, and I pulled the igniters, and poof out came the smoke. Billows, and billows of smoke, with a big trail behind me, it looked so incredibly real! Thank goodness it wasn’t real, but a great façade of movie illusion.


So, I landed and my job was done and complete, as the movie crew took over to make the airplane look as though it had really crashed after being shot down. I climbed out of the Stearman, and walked over to the area where the script was available for me to see. I was instructed to keep an eye on things as they unfolded.


As the actor pilot was laying on the stretcher he made a statement that made me laugh as I heard it, and it was this: "This is the first time I’ve ever been shot down in a cabbage patch!"


After I heard this remarkable statement, I turned to Jack and said, "Ah, excuse me Jack, but he can’t say that!"


Jack quipped, "What do you mean?"


I couldn’t help but chuckle as I said, "Well, there isn’t a cabbage patch here, only SUGAR CANE!"


Jack’s mouth literally took a drop, and he put his arms up and said, "HOLD IT’ we need to change the lines! Say SUGAR CANE, AND NO CABBAGE PATCH!" So, that was my little contribution, and cabbages are not mentioned in the final episode!


As the day came to a close, I was one happy pilot, but sad to leave a new acquaintance named Jack Lord. I had thoroughly enjoyed him as a person, and the professional actor as he is portrayed on screen, but I couldn’t help but think that there is more to this man than meets the eye.


Yes, he was tough as nails on the outside, but inwardly I sensed he had a great heart, and later I would learn of his tremendous 40 million dollar charity donations to Hawaii, after his passing in January of 1998. Our paths crossed in a moment of time, we enjoyed each other, and we never saw one another again. I will always miss him, and Hawaii Five-0 and Hawaii. After reading a few quotes by Jack Lord, I feel it expresses very succinctly and perfectly my feelings regarding the islands.



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