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Volume 2           October, 2005            Issue 4




Ben – Did you read that?

By Terri Whitman

Just a little before July 13th I got an email from Richard Yniguez. He said he was interested in someone helping him pass along the word about Al Harrington receiving the first ever Pacific Islanders Life Achievement award. When I told him I’d be highly interested in it, he sent my email address to Rosa Hoffman, Al’s wife. I didn’t know exactly when the contact would take place so to my great surprise, I received an email from her. She asked for my phone number so she could call me. I gave it to her without any hesitations and then eagerly awaited ‘that phone call’ that would start, what I hoped would be, a strong connection with Al Harrington.

The first thing Rosa said to me was “What can I do for you?”

My heart was racing at finally being able to make contact with the one member of the Five-0 unit who had disappeared. Rosa and I talked for about a half an hour or so. I wasn’t a blithering idiot, but I did keep telling her that I was so nervous, to which she asked me why. I told her it was nervousness because I had been trying for years to contact Al. I think Al must have been listening because I think I heard him laughing in the background each time my nervousness came up.

Soon, I hope, Rosa and Al will have an article for everyone on what Al has been doing over the last 30 years.

During our conversation, I was asked to be the go between for Al and his fans. Honored with that, I did my part and created a page for Al Harrington on my site and was tickled pink when he said (or should I say Rosa said) I could name it as the ‘Authorized and Official’ website/page so his fans could be kept up to date on what was going on with him.

As I awaited for September 24th, the day Al would be given his award, I got two short notice emails asking me to let Al’s fans know about some appearances he would be at. The first was at the Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show July 30th and 31st and the second one was Mickey Sinardi's Showstopper Stars Spectacular on August 27th and 28th. At both places crowds of fans greeted Al.

It was during this time I notified the various egroups I belong to asking them to send me their questions they might have for Al Harrington. I was able to send him 18 questions almost right away. They sent me the answers, which I have included in this issue.

When September 24th arrived, Rosa emailed me saying the turn out was great. There was several hundreds of people in attendance. Two known, Five-0 fans, Cindy Kimura – a frequent contributor to the newsletter and Rita Ractliffe, who took posted several pictures of the festival on her egroup. Cindy was even able to get in a quick interview with Al Harrington and Richard Yniguez. Once she gets the interview written up, she’ll send it to me so we can all enjoy it.

In the meantime I thought you’d like to see a picture of Al Harrington and Richard Yniguez and to read the questions Al was sent.


Al Harrington and his PIFA award he received on September 24, 2005

Al Harrington & his PIFA award


Al Harrington and Richard Yniguez who was there with Al on September 24, 2005

Al Harrington and Richard Yniguez


Just some of the massive crowd who attended the PIFA ceremonies where Al Harrington received his award on September 24, 2005

The crowd of fans watching Al receive his award.


Al Harrington AKA Ben Kokua


Born in Mapusaga, American Samoa, Al Harrington is the eldest of 10 children. He has 5 brother and 4 sisters who are all alive and well and Al, himself, has 4 children.

1. What did you think of the people you worked with on the show, not just Jack, but everyone?

Whenever you have a show that's in the top 10 as HI 5-0 was there's an immediate indication that the crew is highly professional

2. What are the names of your record albums?

"I love this Land"

"Al Harrington--The South Pacific Man"

"Al Harrington Show--Live!

3. What are the names of your record albums?

My records are no longer available but we are in the process of converting all of them to CD's. We will keep you posted.

4. Are any of your records still available?

They will be

5. Is your music available on CD?

Hawaii is part of the larger culture of Polynesia.  And, for many years, the Western world and civilizations have underestimated the navigational accomplishments of the Polynesian people as well as their ability to live in harmony with nature.

6. What do you think of Hawaii and its culture?

I have not moved away. I reside in both California and Hawaii.

7. Are there any other shows (on TV, stage or such) that is not listed on the IMBD?

>>>Terri: I haven't checked it yet.....when I do, I will let you know...

8. How much Al Harrington is in Ben Kokua?

A lot of Al Harrington is in Ben Kokua---The athleticism, team player and the great love of Hawaii as well as a strong attraction to justice in trying to do the right thing. 

9. Did you have any input in designing the character or was it a case of 'Be there, aloha'?

The character of Ben Kokua was basically structured by Leonard Freeman with some input from me.

10. What was your favorite episode and why?

Too many to mention---I enjoyed all of them.

11. It appeared that everyone was having a good time with Welcome To Our Branch Office. Was work fun that week?

It was always a joy to work and be a part of the cast and crew, and a real pleasure to work with James MacArthur because of his great acting skills and sense of humor a great ability not to take himself  too seriously.

12. Any regrets turning down the NFL? 

No regrets

13. Annette Nixon, who attended one of your shows at the Reef Towers and remembers the complimentary Mai tais, said that 20 years ago you gave her Goosebumps when you recited Invictus. Never had she heard it given with power since. She would like to know why you chose Henley?

Henley’s poetic expression of focus dedication and singleness of purpose have always touched my soul.

14. "International House" is still one of Annette’s favorite jokes. Would you like to elaborate on this joke for the other fans?

Internationalism of Hawaii is a microcosm of what the world should be.

15. Annette and I have had a couple of JMac chats, which were successful. If she can get a chatroom up and running would you be interested in saying howdy some evening?

Yes---I would like that.  *Editor’s note: Annette & I are working on trying to set this up for everyone. The date of the chat to be announced.

16. Five-0 ended 25 years ago yet its still popular around the world even among fans who weren't born then. Whets your take on this?

It is still the great drama of good vs. evil and the triumph of good with all of its subtleties.

17. Five-0: The Movie. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? If asked, would you appear in it?

It's always a good thing because it will focus greater attention on Hawaii and its people---I would love to be a part of it.

18. Annette, a Mustang fan and owner, would like to know if you happen to remember what color the interior (carpet and such) of the white Mustang was? The seats were black if that helps. Was that car a Ford giveaway or did it belong to somebody like Danny Kamekona's silver Rolls?

The mustang has become lost in the folds of my memory---sorry---I do, however, miss Danny Kamekona as well as Zulu, Kam Fong and Jack Lord.


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See you in January 2006

Be There! Aloha!