1999 Five-O Reunion Photos

The following pictures were taken during my trip to Hawaii, which included the Five-O Reunion held at the Hawaii Film Studio (Five-O soundstage) on Friday evening, January 22, 1999. As of February, 2018, some of the pictures have been updated and a couple of new ones added.

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    * Invitation to the reunion.

    * Entrance to the film studio with banner celebrating the reunion.


    * The Reunion is opened with a blessing in Hawaiian and English.

    * Carey Anderson, organizer of the reunion, and emcee Doug Mossman ("Frank Kemana").

    * Doug Mossman addresses the crowd. The painting by Dexter Doi is seen on the left.

    * Honolulu Police Chief Lee Donohue presents Dennis Chun with a photo of himself and Dennis's father Kam Fong taken on the set of Five-O many years ago. To the left: Doug Mossman and Harry Endo. (Dennis played a few minor roles on the show.)

    * Harry Endo ("Che Fong") expresses thanks for receiving his Five-O badge. On the left, Doug Mossman, on the right, Carey Anderson and Honolulu Police Chief Lee Donohue.

    * Doug Mossman and Harry Endo.


    * Mrs. Lord interviewed for the TV show "Inside Edition."

    * Another view of the interview.

    * Mrs. Lord stops to talk with some people on her way out of the reunion.

    * Mrs. Lord on her way out of the reunion.


    * With Dennis Chun and his family.

    * Actors Ed Fernandez and Jimmy Borges with casting director Dick Kindelon.

    * Harry Endo (Che Fong) and character actor Seth Sakai with their spouses.

    * Moe ("Truck") Keale and Dennis Chun show off the badges they received.

    * With character actor Fred Ball, who -- among his other credits -- played a resuscitated corpse in the episode Frozen Assets.

    * With character actor Seth Sakai, who played a wide variety of parts during the series ranging from cops to crooks.

    * With character actor Robert Witthans (center), who portrayed McGarrett's barber, military bigshots and gangsters and Kevin Suarez who painted a picture of Jack Lord that was auctioned.

    * With John Nordlum, Jack Lord's stand-in and stunt double and owner of McGarrett's Mercury Grand Marquis.

    * The 1974 Mercury Grand Marquis.

    * Dodging bullets and calling for help!

    * View of the tables where various Five-O merchandise was being sold.

    * Another view of the sales tables. The man wearing a flower lei is Dexter Doi, who created the reunion poster.


    * Outside the Iolani Palace, home of Five-O. Just prior to this picture being taken, there was a car crash to my right!

    * The War Memorial Natatorium, usually the site of criminal activity on Five-O. In a state of serious deterioration, it will be restored soon at a cost of several million dollars.

    * On my way into the War Memorial Natatorium. The picture is slightly out of focus because just as it was taken, a terrific gust of wind blew past us!

    * The Dillingham Fountain east of the War Memorial Natatorium that McGarrett drives past in some early season episodes. Taken in a hurry since we were parked in front of someone's driveway.

    * Standing in front of the statue at the Punchbowl Memorial Cemetery featured in the show's opening credits.

    * A closer look at the statue from the opening credits.

    * What is that ticking noise I hear?

    * View showing the Aloha Tower and sailing ship in the background, both featured in episodes of the show.